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To Grow Like Google, Think Like Google


To Grow Like Google, Think Like Google

Just take a minute and think about how far Google has come in the past decade. In the early 2000s, the company was a relatively sized firm that millions of people used. Now, it’s the king of the search engine industry frequented by billions every week. The rise is astronomical, but it’s also a guide for other companies that want to learn. Sure, the odds of you replicating their success are long. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy success on your terms. Here are the lessons every entrepreneur can learn from a simple Google search.

Simplify The Experience

Can you pinpoint the reason why Google is so popular? Most people can’t, yet the answer is hiding in plain sight. Users love Google because it’s simple. A browser knows that they can search for whatever they want and there will be no complicated results. Everything from the search bar to the navigation is about as simple as it gets for any firm. The moral of the story is easy: keep things simple and you’ll get a healthy return on your investment.


You might not know it, but Google has its hands in a lot of pies. Take YouTube as an example. It’s without a doubt the biggest video social media platform in the world with billions of hits a week. It’s also a great source of advertising, and one way for a business to go viral and create a buzz. The simple fact is that it’s become an essential tool in life, but one that doesn’t seem to fit with a search engine company. Google understands that it doesn’t matter what looks right and wrong as long as it works. They see opportunities in different industries and strike, such as driverless cars. A run of the mill company sticks to what they know, which lowers their chances of success.

Value Your Data

The one thing that Google does better than its competitors is use stats to their advantage. With the help of the right information, they have been able to grow into one of the biggest companies on the planet. The executives at Google understand that the statistics hold the key to success. So, they place a lot of emphasis on their importance. Do you do the same thing? The use of data is popular throughout the industry, but ‘gut-feel‘ still exists. The numbers are like a map leading you to success. All you have to do is decipher them into bite size chunks.

And Your Staff

Two companies take valuing their workforce to a new level: Facebook and Google. Both rewrite the rule book regarding employee comfort and a modern working environment. Instead of stuffy designs, they incorporate bean bag chairs and colour. With a mix of commercial interiors and modern designs, their workplace is hyper-productive. After all, employees are at their best when they aren’t under undue pressure.

The above don’t work overnight as they take years of practice and commitment. However, the designs are there and ready for you to exploit.

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