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Top 3 Exhibition Essentials


Top 3 Exhibition Essentials

Everyone knows how effective a display stand can be at an exhibition or convention, but it’s not always easy to get it right. The very best stands draw attention and really promote the brand and product or services. It’s all about making someone remember your business. With a lot of exhibition and event flooring available, it is important to make your business stand out. The exhibition displays will vary depending on the company, and there have been some particularly extravagant or unique ones in recent years. Generally however, there are three main points of consideration when it comes to designing something that will really shine.

  • Structure – This is very important, because it can influence the quality of the stand. Very basic structures can be quite dull, and the more successful exhibits will use the structure to create something aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. It is worth remembering however, that your structure might need to serve a purpose, and this could be anything from units on which to hold products, to seats for guests.
  • Graphics – This is what really draws people to your stand. Just like a billboard or an advert on TV, it must grab attention, and really emphasise the quality of your display. Again, it depends entirely on your business, but some may choose to wrap their entire structure in attractive graphics, where some will use carefully placed logos. If you need company to print these graphics, then take a look at Print on Demand – Exhibition Solutions.
  • Lighting – This is the final tool for you to use which will add the finishing touch to your exhibition stand. Unless you’re trying to create a particular atmosphere, good lighting will help to illuminate your display, drawing attention to it, and making sure that all of its content is clear.

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to designing your stand, but you can be successful if you give consideration to these points. You could also use a design company to do the work for you. Remember though that the most important point is to make sure that the people who visit the stand remember it.

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