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Top Ways to Promote Your Start-Up Business


Top Ways to Promote Your Start-Up Business

Setting up and starting a business takes a huge amount of hard work and motivation. However, the challenges don’t stop once the business is set up. The next step is to build the company up and you can’t do that without promoting it.

So, when budget is limited and you have zero experience of promotion, where exactly should you start? Below, you’ll discover some of the top ways to promote your start-up business which won’t break the bank.

Establishing yourself on social media

These days, businesses need to have a strong online presence. The majority of clients and customers look for local businesses via the internet, so it makes sense to ensure you’re easy to find.

The best way to promote your company online is to set up social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are all great sites to be a part of. However, it’s important to start out focusing on one, or a maximum or two, platforms. This is because if you try to focus on all of them, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed and none of them will deliver the right level of results. You’ll need to take the time to research which social media sites your target audience hang out on. Facebook tends to be one of the most popular due to the sheer number of users it has. You’re more likely to find your target audience on Facebook than any other platform.

Developing a social media presence is initially free, but there are paid advertisement options you’ll want to consider using. Again, Facebook is considered one of the best sources of paid ads, but if you’re targeting a younger audience, you may actually want to consider using the paid ad option on Instagram.

The key thing to remember is that in order to make social media promotion work, you need to be active on there. That means, frequently posting and interacting with your customers and fans. Engagement is the one thing that’s going to help you promote your company and build up your reputation.

Don’t Forget About Offline Promotion

While you do need to focus on online promotion tactics, it’s really important not to forget about offline promotion too. Door drop services from companies like Whistl, can be extremely beneficial; Especially when it comes to advertising to local customers.

You have the ability to accurately target potential customers, encouraging them to visit your store and reach a fairly wide target audience. It’s also really cost-effective which makes it a popular option for start-ups with limited funds. There’s a huge misconception that offline, postal advertising is dead. It absolutely isn’t and it’s a lot more effective than you might think.

You can also maximise potential results of door drop promotion, by including free samples or exclusive discounts. If you really are on a tight budget, discount codes added to a leaflet would be the best option. Consumers love getting money off and they also get excited by new businesses. So, after seeing your leaflet through the post, they’ll be much more likely to want to pop along and be one of the first customers to see your new business.

Overall, promoting yourself as a start-up is hard work, but the advice above should help you to get started. The key to making any type of promotion successful, is to be consistent. You can’t just create an advertisement, sit back and hope it delivers. You need to monitor how well it’s working and continue to engage with potential and existing customers on social media.

I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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