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Tops Tips On Saving For A Great Retirement


Tops Tips On Saving For A Great Retirement

It is never too early or too late to start saving for a great retirement. Whether you started working or you are nearly done, you should start saving for a great retirement by growing your nest egg. The earlier you start saving, the better off you will be, thanks to compound interest. Here are tips on how to save and pursue the grand retirement that you envision.

Start today
The right time to start saving is now. Don’t wait or postpone the idea of saving for your retirement. You can put money away for retirement,and let compound interest work in your favour. You can benefit from compound interest when your assets generate earnings and are reinvested to generate even more earnings. The secret to getting more money from this plan is starting early. If you are a considering pension drawdown plan, but your employer doesn’t offer an income drawdown; you should transfer your savings to a self-invested pension personal pension (Sipp) and switch to a drawdown facility.

Buy a home
Figures from the Office for National Statistics indicate that the number of homeowners in their 20s has been declining increasingly. If it suits your lifestyle, you should consider the idea of owning property because mortgage rates are at historic lows.
Furthermore, there is a serious strain on the number of available homes compared to demand. According to an estimate made by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, property prices are likely to go up by 25% in the next five years. While it is not possible to be sure about the future, you should invest in a property that you won’t outgrow in the next few years, so that you don’t get stuck with a bad property that you can’t sell if the value does fall.

Automate your savings
When you automate your savings for retirement, you won’t have to think about the possibility of missing out on your contributions. Automation helps you invest assets automatically in specific funds on a monthly basis. Discuss your options with your financial advisor before making this move to avoid unnecessary confusions and blunders.

Rein in spending
You should examine your budget and find ways of saving some quick bucks on a daily or monthly basis. For instance, you should lower your car insurance rates and bring your lunch to work, if possible, instead of buying it. Use your cash flow calculator and budget worksheet to determine where your money is going. Find places you can reduce spending to save or invest more.

For example, instead of spending £910 a year to get a coffee hit, consider buying a decent coffee machine and get refill pods online. You can spend about £40 on the coffee machine and buy pods at less than 40p a coffee. You can end up making a sizeable saving of more than £720 per year. Or if that seems too overwhelming, you can limit yourself to around two cups of takeaway coffee per week.

When you know how much you need, it becomes easier and rewarding to save and invest. You should set benchmarks and gain satisfaction as you pursue your retirement goals. Use an online retirement calculator to gauge track your progress.

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