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What Your Business Needs for 2019


What Your Business Needs for 2019

They say “new year, new you,” but the phrase could also apply to your business. You don’t have to start afresh, but you do have to be ready for everything the new year brings. With several new trends on the rise and an uncertain economic situation, 2019 is set to be a year full of surprises. Make sure you have all of the following things to guarantee your business thrives in 2019.

  1. SAP and ERP

Any growing business needs to be organised. Startups in particular need to bear this in mind, as sudden growth spurts can come unexpectedly. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, the chief of which is SAP, can help with this. SAP does a lot of things, but its core purpose is to coordinate between different parts of a business. Say a customer asks you if you have a certain item in stock, an ERP system will allow you to check a live database, updated at your warehouse or by your suppliers, and give them an immediate answer.

If you are thinking of working with SAP in 2019, it’s worth hiring an SAP expert to help set your business up. This could be a full-time member of staff, or even just a temporary contractor. European SAP recruitment agency Eursap specialises in finding candidates for these kinds of vacancies, helping you get SAP up and running to help you tackle new challenges as soon as possible.

  1. Diversity

Toxic work environments and the men who create and perpetuate them took centre stage in 2018—most prominently in the entertainment industry, but the tech and business worlds had a number of high profile scandals, too. Google’s lack of diversity made headlines, while Silicon Valley’s “Brotopia” atmosphere has been driving away female talent for years.

In 2019, the startup community has the chance to rectify this by increasing diversity across the board. Starting or continuing a commitment to workplace safety and diversity will put your startup at the forefront of positive change in the industry.

  1. Artificial Intelligence 

2018 may well have been the year AI went mainstream, with consumers from every generation adopting Amazon Echo Dots and Google Home assistants. But AI can do much more than tell you about the weather before you head off to work.

On the business side of things, AI and automation have been transforming best practices for a long time. Different businesses will be able to benefit AI in different ways, but there are some AI applications that can work for almost any startup. Running a chatbot on your website, for example, can help improve business performance in a number of ways—from reducing customer service wait times to giving customers a personalised experience.

For software-based startups, there’s also the prospect of using AI and machine learning in your products. The market is ready for an influx of AI-based apps, especially those that can be integrated with smart homes or mobiles, so make sure you’re ahead of this trend.

  1. Employee Wellness

 This is another trend you may have noticed over the past twelve months, and definitely something you need to implement at your startup if you haven’t already. Wellness programs can work wonders for your staff, doing everything from reducing health risks to improving productivity. Implementing an employee wellness program doesn’t have to be difficult. Set goals for what you want your program to achieve, then follow advice on how to make this a reality.

  1. Blockchain disruption and integration

With cryptocurrencies of all kinds continuing to grow in value, the blockchain technology that underpins them is still finding new uses. Due to its strengths as a security measure, blockchain has had a huge impact on the banking industry already. Some are using it to process payments while others are using it to prevent identity theft. It’s not just banks that can make use of blockchain—any business that requires secure customer interactions can benefit, too.

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