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Why WordPress Might Be The Most Marketing Friendly Web Building Tool


Why WordPress Might Be The Most Marketing Friendly Web Building Tool

Regardless of what other purposes it serves, you can’t deny that your website is a core part of your online marketing strategy. Or, if it isn’t, that it really should be. But not all websites are created equal and how they’re built, with what tools they’re built, can make a big difference. Here, we’re going to look at why WordPress is one of the friendliest tools for those wanting to make a marketing machine out of their site.

It’s free

One of the most important parts of marketing is making sure that you get a return on investment. Unlike other website building tools, WordPress ensures you maximise that return by being completely free to use. Web designers, some extra widgets, and your hosting will cost you, but that’s still a significant chunk of money you save just by using a specific tool to build and maintain the site. Businesses focusing on low-cost marketing strategies tend to build their presence much more effectively over time than those that spend all their budget on flash-in-the-pan marketing that leaves no lingering brand impact.

New content can just be plugged right in

Creating link-worthy and viral content has quickly become one of the main driving forces of digital marketing. People are always looking to host and share the piece of content that has the most potential to be seen by the most people. Coming up with great content ideas and making sure that it’s written well is all down to you. However, WordPress is built with content management in mind. Other tools require you to jump through some hoops to add new pages. WordPress makes it easy to add, categorise, organise and edit as much content as your host can handle. Often, it’s no more complicated than using word processing software.

It’s hugely customizable

If they’re using the same generic themes as everyone else, then it’s easy to tell that site is running on WordPress. But the high level of customisation allowed with the tool also means that plenty of sites you don’t imagine are using it. For instance, both Forbes and TED use WordPress. Whether it’s creating WordPress themes with REST API and Vue.js or making use of the many different widgets that allow you plug in different content, the sky’s the limit. You don’t have to worry about your brand looking like everyone else’s. With a little work and design, you can create a site that truly stands out.

It’s the social site platform

Some of the most important widgets worth adding are those that connect you to the social side of the internet. Being able to share content easily is the mark of good marketing. Free WordPress social media widgets give your visitors the option to do it right there on the site.

Essentially, WordPress allows you to create whatever content and design whatever site you want, making it easier to share and all at the low-low cost of absolutely nothing. It’s clear why 74 million websites make use of it.

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