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Why your business should invest in Leeds and Yorkshire


Why your business should invest in Leeds and Yorkshire

If your business is looking to invest, have you considered investing in Yorkshire?

The region is known as ‘God’s own county’ due to its natural beauty, and not only offers stunning landscapes and a wealth of historical buildings, but also a fantastic opportunity for savvy business investors.

The stats regarding property costs in Yorkshire are impressive, with the county offering much greater value than the over-inflated prices in the south of England and particularly in London, where property is out of reach to all but the most fabulously wealthy.

Experts have described Leeds in particular as “showing significant growth in retail and property investment” (Hentons accountancy and advisory firm) and the “best investment opportunity outside London”. A staggering £30m has been ploughed into the city’s property market in just 18 months, and it’s not just property that represents a great opportunity – many investors are taking advantage of the good value land for sale in Leeds, too.

Leeds was recently highlighted as a hotspot for buy-to-let property investors, with experts pointing to the government’s rollout of the HS2 rail project as a driver of investor interest in the city. “HS2 is one of largest regeneration projects in Europe and we know that historically infrastructure paves the way for wider investment,” said Neil Graham Davidson, managing director of Sequre Property Investment.

Davidson also pointed to the city’s thriving student population, with Leeds having four universities and the fourth largest number of students in the country. The growth of the rental marketing is backed up by the impressive statistics surround rents and yields. Rents in Leeds jumped an impressive 3.6% in 2016, with an overall yield to investors of 4.8% – so now is most definitely the time to invest.

The potential for growth in the city will undoubtedly be boosted by strong economic growth, a growing population and a shortage of housing.

According to planning records, 36 hectares of brownfield land are available for development and the areas around East Leeds Orbital Road and Leeds South Bank provide fantastic opportunities for mixed-use developments. The £350 million development of Leeds South Bank could potentially create 7000 new jobs in the city.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to invest in Leeds!

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