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Your Employees May Be Good – But Are They the Best?


Your Employees May Be Good – But Are They the Best?

Many before me have made the claim that a business is really no worse or better than its employees. And, these days, it seems like such an obvious thing to say. After all, how could a business be anything else? If the employees are doing an amazing job, then it will show through the quality of the company’s output. If they’re not doing that great, then the business is going to suffer tremendously.

So it stands to reason that an employer should make every effort they possibly can in order to improve their employees – to turn good employees into the best employees they can be. But not a lot of business owners invest in their employees this way. Instead of trying to improve the performance and efficiency of their employees, they tend to simply hire more. This is sometimes seen as the most cost-effective way of dealing with a need for more hands on deck (as opposed to improving the hands they have already!).

Many other employees may be afraid to invest too much in the improvement of their employees simply because improving them will increase the chances that they will want promotions or leave for greener pastures. This isn’t a mindset you should fall into.

Opportunities for improvement

Some believe that there’s simply no reason to invest further in training once a worker has been on the job for a few weeks. What you end up getting in this scenario is that most of the workers simply stagnate – they stay in the precise position that they arrived in and work at a consistent but never really improving level of efficiency.

But your business as a whole can improve dramatically if you invest more into training employees. If new skills will help them do their job more quickly and more effectively, then the net result may be absolutely worth the resources you use to invest in that training. There are companies out there such as Frosch Learning that specialize in the sort of in-house training that can see your company improve performance in many areas.

Satisfaction is the key

Of course, it’s not just about raw training and base ability. If you want to get the best out of a worker consistently, then you need to make sure they have a decent level of job satisfaction. Alarming reports show that most employees in London and the United States don’t enjoy their jobs at all. And when you have low levels of satisfaction in the office, you’re simply not going to get peak performance out of your workforce. Call it laziness or ungratefulness if you want – but that’s just a demonstration of the problem: most workers are under appreciated. It’s the same reason their development isn’t a priority in many workplaces.
So you need to consider paying closer attention to these levels of satisfaction. More employers are starting to appreciate that employee happiness is important, and that tending to it doesn’t mean you have to treat them like their children in a playground. Paying attention to them, motivating them, knowing them on a personal level, and recognizing them for their efforts are all excellent ways to increase satisfaction. Developing them via the training methods we’ve talked about is also another way of doing it.

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