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5 Free apps every android device should have

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5 Free apps every android device should have

If you have got a new android phone or tablet recently then you are proberly wanting to try some new applications out. With such a huge choice available out there though you are proberly wondering where to start. Well here is five essential applications for all android users.


The Facebook application for android allows you to share content and stay connected with everyone. You can upload photos directly from you android device. As well as this you can view your friends timeline, status updates, photos and much more. For many of you Facebook may have came pre-installed on your device.


JuiceDefender is the ultimate battery saver application for android with over 5 million downloads. Despite being incredibly powerful, JuiceDefender is rather easy to use. This application automatically manages all of the functions that are draining your battery such as network connections. There are also different power saver profiles for you to try out.

Advanced Task Killer

This is one of the most simple yet useful applications for android. Once you have been using a lot of apps, even if you are no longer using them they are proberly still using memory and even battery. Well ATK will allow you to manually kill apps that you do not need running in the background. There are also options for auto kill and even and exclude app list.


Twitter for android allows you to get instant updates from the people you are following. You can use real-time search to find breaking news,trending topics and see what is happening around the world. There are common features that you can find on the website such as find and follow people,Tweet,Retweet,messaging,photos and much more.

Barcode Scanner

Using Barcode Scanner you can easily scan any products Barcode and then look up user reviews. As well as this you can also scan QR-Codes for contact information and website URL’s etc. As well as this you also have the option to share contacts and bookmarks via QR-code. a must have for any android user.


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