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5 great WordPress plugins to integrate Twitter into your blog


5 great WordPress plugins to integrate Twitter into your blog

Using Twitter with your WordPress blog is a great way to gain more Twitter followers and show your latest tweets to your readers. Furthermore your readers can also tweet your latest blog posts to their own followers; providing you with great exposure and sharing your content with more people. Twitter has become one of the greatest social networks in the world and is my favourite place to share my content through social media. Retweets is a great advantage that Twitter has over Facebook for people looking to promote their content as your content can be shared with people who may not be following you with the click of a button.

Twitter plugins and widgets are very popular for sharing your content online and in this post i am going to show you some of my favourite WordPress plugins for doing this.

Advanced Social Widget

This Advanced Social Widget allows your readers to share your content via Twitter, As well as all of the other major content sharing websites. Furthermore you can also subscribe to the mailing list via this plugin. This plugin is great as an all-in-one way for your readers to share your content. Furthermore there is also many options to customize how you want this widget to look.

WordPress Social Counter

WordPress social counter is a nice sidebar widget which allows readers to easily share your content as well as seeing how much the page has been shared on various social networks.

Topsy Retweet Button

This WordPress plugin allows your readers to easily Retweet your content to their Twitter followers. This plugin is different to the usual Twitter sharing button and the colour can be customized to the style of your blog. I like this plugin as it is simple and looks great with any blog, as well as being free to download.

Slick Social Share Buttons

These modern social sharing buttons allow users to easily share your content via Twitter and other social networks. What makes these buttons great is that there are different styles to choose from. Furthermore on the dashboard you can easily view how many times easy post has been shared which makes this plugin very useful.

Twitter Widget Pro

This is a great sidebar widget for your blog and allows your readers to see all of your latest tweets in your sidebar which they can  then click on to follow you on Twitter or view what you have Tweeted. Furthermore you can also add your own CSS styles and background to customize it to the design of your blog.


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