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3 Top Tips for Finding Discount Tech


3 Top Tips for Finding Discount Tech

We all want the very latest gadgets and gizmos, whether they’re in the workplace to help us to become more productive or to improve the quality of what we can produce, or socially to show off to our friends or play games on wherever we might be. But the privilege of having the very latest tech comes at a cost – quite often a substantial one at that.

It’s common knowledge that every time one of the major global brands releases a new product, even if it’s just an update of the predecessor, the queues outside the stores can be enormous – just like the price tags – but it still doesn’t put people off, with many queuing for days and nights in the pouring rain last month to get their hands on the iPhone 5. Madness!

For a business, either up and coming or established, it’s vital that you have not necessarily the newest, but the most productive technology at your disposal. If you find that certain packages could be the difference between success and getting by, then you have to invest. But how do you do that without blowing the annual budget? After all, you can hardly fill an office of 100 employees with brand new Mac’s, for example, and not expect that to make a sizable dent in the company bank account.

Here are three tips for finding the latest and greatest tech without paying full price:

 Online discounts

A lot of retailers will offer substantial discounts on products online that you may not find in stores. You’ll probably find that these are mostly the brands that have both online and high street shops as opposed to just an online presence, but you can get some amazing deals. For example, if you’re a photography company, doing a search for something like Jessops promo codes could give you a good chunk off the overall price tag, free delivery or other useful extras. The same is true in any industry, whether you’re looking for new laptops, textbooks, desks, just about anything.

Bulk discounts

We all love a good haggle – or the theory anyway, even if we’re not very good at it – and sometimes just enquiring about the possibility of a discount on your purchase of more than of a certain item, like office furniture, could work in your favour. As opposed to paying £50 per chair 100 for instance, you could pay significantly less, get discounted or free delivery, it all depends on your negotiation skills and the mood of the retailer!

Shop around and research

While it sounds very simple, a lot of people hear about something new or innovative being released onto the market and hand over the money almost straight away. They “need” the product for whatever reason and subsequently buy it from the first place they find. However, sometimes there are much cheaper alternatives – or even versions of the same product – out there, that just need a bit of a look at first. You might see this as a waste of time, but there are significantly cheaper versions of the iPad out there that are perfectly good tablet computers but because they don’t have the Apple branding, they’re often overlooked. But if you can get something beneficial to the workplace, without breaking the bank, you’ll keep the employees, customers, clients and accountants happy

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