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Goodbye Google: Is There Life Without Technology?


Goodbye Google: Is There Life Without Technology?

Modern technology has evolved the way we carry out even the simplest of tasks. Technology has become such an important part of everyday life that there are actual medical conditions, which develop as a result from being parted from things such as our BlackBerry or our tablet. There is no part of life that has not been impacted by technological items – our homes are becoming ‘smart’, our entertainment needs are fulfilled by smartphones and laptops, and our role as employees has changed beyond all recognition as we incorporate technology into our working functions.

The business industry has been the source of the evolving and adapting technology that was initially developed to revolutionise the way businesses conduct themselves, and secure their positions within a niche market. There is an overwhelming reliance on technology that would eliminate many of the current business functions if it no longer existed. Obviously many of us would adapt to the lack of technological support but it would dramatically alter things such as efficiency and productivity, which is the central of a successful business.

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What are the Benefits of Modern Technology?

There are a number of benefits that come with the incorporation of business related technology and that served as the main purpose for the development of so many pieces of equipment, applications and machinery.

Efficiency – businesses have a need to be efficient, to work to severe time constraints and to meet with consumer demand.

Productivity – consumers are the heart of a business and they need to have their expectations fulfilled with the range of products and services being to the highest standard, which will also warn off competition.

Communication – whether it is a communicating workforce or being able to engage with consumers, suppliers and investors. Businesses are now able to hold a global position.

Data Storage – private business information needs to be secure, accessible to the right people and utilised in the most effective way to establish customer relations and brand recognition.

How Do Businesses Utilise Modern Technology?

Prior to business related technology, companies were forced to work at a significantly slower rate as data was stored physically, tasks took longer to complete and communication was a slower process.

As the consumer has embraced new technology, businesses have been forced to adapt to the changes from a different perspective. Rather than focusing on the needs of the company, businesses have had to understand the way the consumer wishes to engage and allow this to influence the way business functions are undertaken – 82% of businesses use email marketing, as an incredible 90% of people will check their email accounts using their smartphones at any point throughout the day, responding to emails almost instantly.

The smartphone has been the cause of most of the changes to the way technology is utilised and the importance that has developed around it. Direct content and constant engagement has become the best technique for securing the future of a business and its position within its niche.

Email marketing and the consistent use of smartphones by the end user has allowed businesses to be become globally accessible and has ensured the worldwide nature of suppliers and customers which began with the Internet and has been maintained by email and mobile communications.

Could Businesses Ever be Technology Free?

If Google were to disappear tomorrow, taking with it important items such as smartphones and desktop devices, the business world would change dramatically. Many companies and industries have become so reliant on technology to function that they would be unlikely to survive. For those that could adapt to the new strategies, they would become localised and their reach would be severely restricted.

Technology is an influential part of life that it would be almost impossible to survive without it and the premise of a business would change so much that for many it would be impossible to continue. As much as technology has been blamed for negative changes to society, it is vital in the way we live our lives.

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