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Why Should You Transfer Your 8mm Film Onto DVD?


Why Should You Transfer Your 8mm Film Onto DVD?

If you own a number of 8mm film reels you may have considered moving them onto DVDs. There are some worthy reasons for doing this, many of which are covered in this article. Once you have read it you will seriously consider going through this process.

There was a time when many people used 8mm film to record family get-togethers, birthday parties and many other experiences as well. Even though this film has been surpassed by smart phones and digital cameras in most peoples’ eyes, there are still plenty of films left that are in danger of perishing.

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There are plenty of reasons why this type of film could perish as it ages. Firstly the age of it alone is enough to instil concern. It can be difficult to preserve film that is delicate, and in some cases it becomes almost impossible to watch the film without damaging it.

Clearly if you own any film of this nature it is imperative that you preserve it in some way. The best way to do this is to perform an 8mm film transfer to DVD. We have already covered one good reason for doing this, but there are many others.

For starters it becomes a lot easier to watch the film if it is in an easily accessible format. When you opt for an 8mm film transfer to DVD you get the chance to watch a DVD that is easily playable in any DVD player. This is particularly good if you want to share the footage with people you know. Most people have access to a DVD player, but few would have the equipment needed to play a reel of 8mm film.

Another good reason to transfer it is to ensure the film is not damaged in the future. Even if it is currently in relatively good condition, film can become damaged far more easily than DVDs can. You could even get two copies made of films you are particularly fond of. You can still keep the film in a can if you wish, but it is good to have copies you know you can easily play and store safely.

The transfer process also means you get the film in a modern format. You can do plenty with a DVD copy if you want to, which means you have the chance to enjoy it in many more ways. You could even create copies and send them to all the people featured on the DVD. There is a lot more versatility in a DVD copy, as you will see.

You shouldn’t be tempted to do the transfer on your own though. It requires specialist equipment and while you could do it yourself it isn’t the ideal process to try with no experience. Would you want to risk the footage you only have one copy of, just to try and save a few pounds on the cost of getting someone else to do it? Furthermore, the equipment you would need could be costly too. This means you should think about hiring someone to transfer all the film you have so you end up with good copies and no worries about the process taking place successfully. As you can see, there are indeed many benefits to think about.

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