BPM Logo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Blue Pixel Media Network is a UK based online media publishing network consisting of Startup Today, iBusiness Blog and Startup 305. These high traffic websites offer advertising solutions with targeted traffic to maximise the success of any campaign. If you are looking to advertise then please get in contact via the email address for the site you would like to advertise on.

Startup Today

Full of content for Startup UK businesses,including tips on running many different small businesses. Startup Today is a great community for entrepreneurs looking to get starting in business and looking for tips into maximising revenue and business growth.

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iBusiness Blog

iBusiness Blog is a poplar site combining business and technology. For tech entrepreneurs to gadget enthusiasts, iBusiness Blog provides some great reads and top tips.

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Muscle Plus

Muscle Plus is an exciting new fitness blog. We have recently launched and our posts are focused around fitness, supplements, workouts and much more. Check out out Twitter profile to keep upto date.

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