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How your website could be loosing search engine rankings

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How your website could be loosing search engine rankings

When trying to promote your website you want to make sure that you have the highest search engine rankings possible. Well believe it or not your website could actually be loosing search engine rankings. In this post i will explain some ways that you could be loosing search engine rankings.

Using duplicate content

there are many people that try to copy content from other websites. However Googlebot which is Google’s web crawler will soon find this out. This will get you on Google’s bad side and you will soon loose rankings in there searches. Make sure sure you avoid this by writing all of your own content and not trying to use content from other peoples websites.

Using hidden text on a webpage 

When looking at a web page human eyes will not detect text that is the same colour as the background. However search engine spiders can do this easily. Spiders will find all methods of hiding text including using cascading style sheets.

startup todayBacklinks

Backlinks are a key part of your SEO strategy. Search engines look for patterns in the Backlinks you create. So make sure you do not have a sudden rise in backlinks as this will raise the web crawlers attention.Link farms are also a bad idea for SEO. Googlebot will soon pick this unnatural pattern of low quality backlinks  up.


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