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10 Cool Products You Could Be 3D Printing Right Now


10 Cool Products You Could Be 3D Printing Right Now

There is no doubt that 3D printers are capable of some amazing things! Right now is a fantastic time to check them out and see just how versatile this incredible technology is.

A Real Win for U.S. Manufacturing

In recent years, U.S. manufacturing has seen a boom for the first time in many decades. This is due in large part to an increase in industrial 3d printing. For both companies and consumers alike who require unique goods, the capabilities presented by this technology have been a godsend. 3D printing companies have stepped up to provide on-demand manufacturing, Jawstec in this needed market space. 

Practical Uses for 3D Printed Items

For the average consumer, some fantastic items can be produced with the aid of a 3D printer. While we’ve all seen the endless list of 3D printed objects that aren’t useful, let’s take a look at some printed items that you can use.

Uses for the Kitchen and Living Room

How about printing a custom cutlery tray to store silverware? The nice thing about this idea is that it’s wholly tailored and designed to your specific needs. A spice rack with a place for each spice can help to organize a messy kitchen cabinet. A 3D printed corkscrew bottle opener combo is sure to find many uses in any kitchen.

A 3D printed lamp might look great sitting on an end table or hanging from the ceiling in the living room, and it’s possible to print the lamp out in the same shade as the living room drapes. Speaking of drapes, 3D printing of fabrics is one of its most promising applications to date, and for technology like this, that’s saying a lot.

Lots of Uses in the Bathroom

There are just so many valuable 3D printed items for the bathroom that it’s difficult to name just a few. Let’s begin our journey in the shower with a printed and practical waterfall showerhead. These showerheads are printed to fit a standard shower mount and add a level of class and sophistication to the shower area. The showerhead can even be perfectly paired with a matching soap dish to keep the entire shower looking neat and clean.

The sink is another bathroom area that can be bought up to date with a host of 3D printed goodies. A printed toothbrush holder will help to keep the toothbrushes organized and clean. The toothbrush holder could even be matched up with a printed cover for the liquid soap dispenser to give the bathroom a cohesive look.

3D printed pegboards and slat boards help organize a garage and make tools and other items much easier to find. Durable polymers used in the printing process to produce printed tools make them a solid alternative to traditional metal tools. Nuts, bolts, and screws are also being increasingly produced in the same fashion.

Create the Garden of Your Dreams

Printed flower pots would look fantastic paired with a coordinated flower trellis to liven up the garden in preparation for beautiful seasonal blooms. With the added splash of color from some annual flowers, these touches are sure to produce a stunning result.

With the ever-increasing availability and affordability of 3D printers, it’s only a matter of time before they are available everywhere.

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