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11 Powerful Ways You Can Strengthen the Relationships in Your Business Teams


11 Powerful Ways You Can Strengthen the Relationships in Your Business Teams

If your business has a number of teams, you probably know how important they are for your success and potential growth. You see, the relationships and bonds your teams form have a huge impact on how well they work together and the overall productivity of your workforce. These relationships shouldn’t be taken for granted. If anything, they should be fostered and encouraged to grow. The quality of the relationships in your business and how well your teams interact with each other can have a massive impact on how well your business does.

So now that you know how important teamwork and a motivated team can be, what can you do about it? Getting great relationships in business doesn’t always come easily, but it’s still important. Sometimes, it needs to be worked on, and that’s what this article is all about. How can you start making the most of the relationships in your business and building better teams so that they can start to flourish? Let’s have a look…

1. Use a comprehensive hiring process

The quality of the teams in your workplace starts with the quality of the individuals you hire. While training and motivation go a long way, sometimes you can only work with what you’ve got. And that means you need to take the hiring process seriously. Some businesses simply don’t have an exhaustive enough interview and vetting process before they hire staff, and you need to if you want the best employees you can find.

So you need to start with a long and serious interview process. You need to look for people who have a proven record of working in teams and building good relationships in the workplace. Ask for evidence and examples. After that, you might want to try a paid trial period to see if that potential employee really works in your business. Some firms try to initiate unpaid trials but these really don’t find you the best quality candidates. You shouldn’t expect someone to work for free.

2. Offer incentives

One of the best ways to encourage teamwork and build good working relationships is to offer incentives. You don’t want people working individually for separate goals. Make sure the whole team is working together and is rewarded together. Either they all fail, or they all succeed. This can help the team pull in the right direction.

3. Set targets

Teams need targets to work towards. Make sure they’re hitting them and getting rewarded for doing so. Don’t assume people know why they’re working. Make the benefits and incentives clear. Make sure people know that if they hit targets and do well as a team, they’ll be rewarded as a team.

4. Have meetings often

One of the best ways to improve relationships between team members is to have plenty of meetings. Take an hour away from the busy work schedule to discuss issues and make sure everything is out in the open. Don’t assume you know what your team members are thinking at any one time. Ask them. Make sure they’re not shy in coming forward with new ideas and procedures that could make things flow better.

5. Improve communication

You should make sure everyone is always clear about what’s on their mind. If any issues or troubles occur within the team, this should be talked about and resolved as quickly as possible. Don’t let bad feelings foster and make sure someone is always listening. A team that’s listened to and valued is one that works harder and is more productive overall. Always make sure your team communicates effectively.

6. Boost morale

Don’t just expect your team to work, work and work. Offer breaks and other activities to bring them together. Morale is so important in the workplace, you’d be foolish to ignore it. If you need to put entertainment and video games in the staff room, do it. Take your teams out for lunches and make sure they always know they’re valued.

7. Offer team building events

Team building events are a great way to reward your employees and improve their working relationships. There’s a reason why team building weekends have been an important part of morale boosting in the workplace for decades – they really work. You can try paintballing, sailing or any number of different ideas. Think outside the box, reward your staff, watch them bond and see your business grow. You can do some research to find out more about the benefits of rewarding your team.

8. Continue to train effectively

Don’t see training as something you spend a week on a year and then forget about. Continue to improve your staff’s skills so they can improve your business. Offer people the chance to attend individual courses and pay for them to do it. They’ll appreciate it, and they might learn something the improves your business.

9. Promote the right team leaders

Don’t just promote someone to team leader because they’ve been there a while. That’s one mistake many businesses make. You need to promote the right sort of people to team leader roles. Those who are natural leaders or are good at motivating the rest of the team. They don’t have to be the most popular team members, but they should be well liked and respected.

10. Make sure everyone is rewarded

Don’t just reward the best performing salespeople or team members, make sure all members of staff in every department are rewarded. You don’t want teams working against each other for individual goals. Make sure everyone is on the same page and that if the whole team does well, they benefit. If the whole business does well, all your teams should be rewarded, not just the best performing one.

11. Re-arrange poorly performing teams

Sometimes, despite best efforts – teams can struggle. if you’ve tried everything else, you might need to re-arrange the teams to get the best out of them. Sometimes a bit of a change can do them the world of good. Try putting some underperforming team members in the best team so they rise to the occasion. If a couple of employees really aren’t working well together, it might be time to move one of them to a new team.

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