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3 Tips For Hiring The Perfect Person For The Job


3 Tips For Hiring The Perfect Person For The Job

Every business depends on the quality of the people that it employs and your business is no different. But when it comes to choosing the right match for the job, this can get a little complicated.

It’s very hard to find out how competent a person is just from a single interview. Many people are good at putting on their best face for an hour or so while you talk to them. But after a couple of weeks on the job, it becomes apparent that they’re not who you thought they were.

What’s worse, any new member of your team might actually be disruptive, even disreputable. And you could find that the rest of your team suffers as a result.

Making the right decision can be tough. But here is some advice to get you on the right track.

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Do A Background Check

Employers in many industries carry out online criminal record checks of any new employees. If you’re in an industry that deals with vulnerable people, CRM checks are standard.

But they can also benefit employers who don’t work with vulnerable people. Having background information on a potential employee is never a bad thing. You can gauge their honesty by whether they bring it up at the interview. And you can make a decision at a personal level whether you want somebody with a criminal conviction to work in your business.

Facebook and social media are also excellent resources for employers. They are a window into a person’s true nature. Finding out how somebody behaves on social media is a good indication of how they will behave in your company. It might give you a clue about how they will fit in in your particular business culture. And what you find out can be both good and bad.

Check For Soft Skills

One of the things that employers complain about time and time again is the lack of soft skills in the labour pool. Employers are crying out for people with social intelligence and personality traits, like grit.

In a time when more than half of all young people are going to college, hard skills are not in short supply. Yet, those so-called hard skills, like accounting, rarely come with soft skills. Yes, a candidate might be able to do the job, but do you really want to work with them?

Don’t just choose the person with the exact experience to match the job. Go for somebody with slightly less experience if they have well-developed social skills. Also, ask them what projects they’ve completed in the past and drill down into the details. It will soon become apparent how much grit they displayed and how determined they were to succeed.

Not All Hires Work

Finally, it’s worth noting that even with all of the care in the world, some hires are not meant to be. Often you’ll find that at the interview stage, both parties agree that the candidate is a good match for the job. But things can, and do, go wrong from time to time. The best solution? Let the employee go as soon as possible.

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