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3PL vs 4PL: Differences and Advantages Explained


3PL vs 4PL: Differences and Advantages Explained

If your company is among the millions that offer products to the public, order fulfillment is a key component of your business. No doubt, you want to give your customers the best of everything. The quality and selection of your products are a given, but not everything is quite so straightforward. Consumers expect fast delivery times, low shipping charges, and high-quality packaging that adequately reflects your brand. If they have to return a product for some reason, they expect the process to be handled in a satisfactory manner as well.

You may be reluctant to relinquish control of all those factors to an outside source. Still, having an in-house order fulfillment department may take more time, effort, space, and money than you can allot to it. In such a situation, outsourcing your order fulfillment needs may be the better option. You have a few alternatives to choose from, including 3PL and 4PL logistics providers. You can learn more about these solutions over at, but we’ll cover some of the basics right now.

Differences Between 3PL and 4PL

Third-party logistics, or 3PL, brings you a range of services. Providers offer storage, order picking, packaging, shipping, and delivery to name a few of their services. They’ll also provide customs support, contract management, and other technology and logistics services if needed. With this option, you maintain control of your supply chain, manufacturing processes, and certain other elements, and the 3PL provider steps in once those elements have been covered.

On the other hand, 4PL, or fourth-party logistics, covers a broader range of aspects. You’re still involved in your company, but you basically hand over the reins to the service provider. They’ll handle all the same services as a 3PL provider and many more. Their solutions include planning, project management, supply chains, and several other elements. If you need more in-depth assistance than 3PL providers offer, 4PL is the option for you.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of 3PL and 4PL?

Some of the advantages of 4PL are more extensive services, greater automation, heightened technological solutions, analytics, reporting, and end-to-end management of processes and suppliers. On the downside, you won’t have as much control over many of the operations of your business with this alternative. Additionally, 4PL services are more costly than 3PL. If your business is struggling financially, this may create extra hardships. At the same time, you may end up having to offset the cost of these services by increasing the prices of your products.

Now, let’s look at some of the benefits and downsides of 3PL. These services are more affordable than 4PL. They can also help streamline your order fulfillment processes without taking over some of the aspects of your company you’d like to control on your own. On the other side of the spectrum, they limit your control over the packing and fulfillment processes and customers’ overall experiences with your company. Their services may not be suitable for your business once it begins to grow and expand.

Bottom Line

All things considered, both 3PL and 4PL can offer several benefits. While 4PL is often best for larger companies and those who need an extra level of help with logistics and order fulfillment, 3PL is typically more suitable for business owners who want to maintain more control over various aspects of their companies and need to save money where they can. Consider these aspects to help you choose the right types of order fulfillment services to meet your needs. 

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