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4 Common Problems With Getting Your Business Online


4 Common Problems With Getting Your Business Online

If you have a physical store and want to start selling online by opening an e-commerce site, there are a few major steps that you should take before you open for business. Getting your business online is not difficult if you choose to take the right measures to assist you, but many businesses run into issues during the initial star-up period that can affect the growth of their company in the long-term if they are not able to take measures to prevent these.


One of the major problems for businesses who are looking to head online is that they often do not have the appropriate tech skills or experience to maintain a website if there are any technical issues. Technical issues can range from website crashes to problems with your e-commerce store, and these can all prevent customers from being able to purchase your products, especially at busy times. So, website maintenance is important to make sure that customers view your company as reliable and trustworthy when purchasing products. To ensure that your website is well-maintained, you should consider looking at UK hosting for websites, as these services can provide you with 24/7 tech support and back up for your website whenever you may need it.


Protecting the data and sensitive information of both your company and your customers is vital in retaining the trust of your clientele. However, there are many online threats that your business may have to combat, and these include hackers and malware, which can infect your computer programming. To stop these computer threats from diminishing your assets and the safety of your customers, you should download a reliable firewall or security scanner that can constantly alert you to any threats to your computer and allow you to manage your online safety well. You should also brief employees on security during training and create an extensive Privacy Policy.


Now that customers look to shop online on a range of devices such as mobile phones and tablets, this can make it difficult for businesses to adapt their websites and online systems to suit their target audience. With many sales being conducted on mobile phones, it is vital that you are able to adapt your online presence to suit this. In order to establish mobile responsiveness, you should design your website so that buttons are easy to click on smaller screens and that both your page and graphics loading times are fast.

Attracting Your Target Audience

Another problem that businesses who are just starting out online face, and one that has the biggest impact on them, is the failure to attract their target audience. In order to achieve this, you should make sure you are able to focus on the branding of your business, including developing a logo and creating a tone, whether formal or friendly, that suits your target audience. You can also attract your target audience through digital marketing, such as using social media, search engine optimisation, and holding competitions or loyalty schemes that can make using your business to purchase goods a more attractive prospect.

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