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5 Essential Considerations You Should Disclose When Buying Hydraulic Equipment


5 Essential Considerations You Should Disclose When Buying Hydraulic Equipment

Anytime you are sourcing a hydraulic device, there are five considerations related to the working environment which you should always inform the manufacturer or supplier about. It is crucial that you provide detailed information about how or where the machine will be used so that the supplier can assist you and provide recommendations if necessary. Regardless of whether you are an expert in buying such equipment, it is still vital to be methodical and thorough since the safety and performance of the machine depend on your selection.

Here is a detailed explanation of the five considerations you need to disclose any time you buy a piece of hydraulic equipment.

The maximum and minimum temperature

Temperature is a critical factor, especially since it will affect the type of fluid and its viscosity. Together with fluid selection, temperature also helps determine whether the machine requires tank heating or not. The maximum temperature also determines whether cooling is necessary.

Humidity conditions

When humidity is high such as in tropical locations or marine applications, you will need a desiccant to absorb moisture, or a tank breather. You may also need to use filters to prevent water from contaminating the hydraulic fluid.

Contaminants and dust 

Working environments with a lot of dust and dirt require special consideration. These contaminants need to be controlled or excluded to prevent damaging the machine. In hydraulic applications for these environments, you may need to use a sealed reservoir which serves as the barrier between the fluid and the tank. There are several other options available to ensure that a hydraulic device is hermetically sealed and protected from airborne contaminants. The supplier can make suggestions on the best solution to protect the device and ensure optimum performance.


When the machine has to function above sea-level, the pressure will affect the machine’s performance. Elevation will also affect air mass as it passes through the heat exchanger. This factor can be easily considered while the device is still in the design stage.

Other special conditions

The four environmental factors discussed above are primary considerations when designing and choosing a hydraulic machine. The working environment can pose many challenges, especially highly hazardous applications like the mining industry.

In addition to these factors, it is also critical to take into account whether it is necessary to have a portable source of power, like hydraulic power packs. These units are essential for mobile devices where it is not ideal to have the machine plugged into the primary energy source.

Although these considerations may seem simple to some, making the mistake of not disclosing or explaining them in detail to the supplier can result in a significant error. Hydraulic machines, while reliable, still need to be precisely designed for the intended application. The varying capacities, as well as other components that affect the performance of the machine, will eventually affect how well the device works. If you want to make the most out of your investment, always keep in mind these five factors before buying any piece of hydraulic equipment.

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