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5 inspiring uses of QR codes


5 inspiring uses of QR codes

Quick response codes are the next big thing for mobile users with millions of QR codes scanned every month. They are a great way of getting visitors to your website as the mobile user can simply scan your QR code and they will instantly be able to visit your website. Any one with a smart phone can scan a QR code by downloading a free application from there app store.

Increasing more people are finding unusual ways to use QR codes and they are appearing everywhere. In this post i will show you some of the most unique and inspiring ways that QR codes have been used.

Business cards

Business cards are a cool new way to use quick response codes as a client can simply scan the QR code from your business card and can visit your website straight away. They are also a nice way of making your business card stand out.


T-Shirts are a great free way for you to do some advertising as walking round with QR anyone can scan it.


Quick response codes are appearing on adverts all of the time and allow viewers to easily view the advert on there phone.

Product information

Quick response codes can be very useful to get extra info from a product that you see on display.


QR codes are popping up in newspapers all the time. Especially in the house section which allows users to easily scan the code and see the information about the house.

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Leave your comments on what you think the most inspirational uses or QR codes are !

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