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5 Major Companies That Accept Cryptocurrency


5 Major Companies That Accept Cryptocurrency

If you are new to cryptocurrency, you may wonder what the fuss is all about. There are many reasons why people are switching to cryptocurrency, but many people will not pay attention until they see reputable firms accepting the currency as a standard payment method.

This may be closer than you think because there are sizable firms now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. In fact, the following five major companies that accept cryptocurrency will likely grab the attention of most people and small businesses alike:

  1. Expedia
  2. Subway
  3. PayPal
  4. Microsoft
  5. Shopify

There are some major firms in that brief list, and if cryptocurrency is good enough for Microsoft, Expedia and Subway, it is likely good enough for most firms.

There is diversity amongst the leading firms accepting cryptocurrency payments

The diversity between these firms is an interesting thing to consider. As a leading travel firm, it is likely that Expedia often undertakes sizable transactions, booking holidays for families, groups of friends and maybe even businesses. This means the amount of money paid to Expedia in a single transaction can be considerable, so it is trusted for big payments.

However, the standard of transaction associated with Subway is quite small, especially in comparison with Expedia. Knowing that you can pay for your lunch or a quick snack with cryptocurrency is positive news for consumers, but it should create opportunities for small businesses. If it is viable for Subway to accept cryptocurrency payments, it is likely viable for many other small firms.

Small firms benefit from accepting cryptocurrency payments

It may be that you thought that only big firms can accept Bitcoin payments but hopefully, now you realise this isn’t the case. There are many ways that smaller firms can enjoy the benefits that come from Bitcoin payments. There are a growing number of dedicated terminals and processors that make accepting cryptocurrency easier than ever before, and there are also ways to introduce Bitcoin to your business that bridges the gap between traditional and digital transactions.

Some firms will be interested in installing a Bitcoin ATM into their premises. A Bitcoin ATM drives traffic to your store, it will position you as an innovative company and you will find that people who come in to use the ATM will often buy from you too. Whether you accept Bitcoin or traditional payment is down to you, but there is an opportunity for you to increase the payment methods you accept and investing in a SatoshiPoint Bitcoin ATM makes perfect sense for many firms.

The fact that mainstream firms are now accepting Bitcoin suggests that this is a trusted currency that is likely here to stay. If you are a smaller firm, now is the time to consider the benefits of Bitcoin and consider accepting as a form of payment for your company. Increasing the ways that people can pay for your products or services make sense, and this will drive your business forward. Companies of all size need to take every advantage they can and accepting cryptocurrency may be yours.

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