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9 tips to help you be a Better Public Speaker


9 tips to help you be a Better Public Speaker

Whether you’re a novice at public speaking or a successful public speaker by profession, you will require speaker training on tips to help you improve your perception, presence and persuasiveness before your audience. Speaking in public can seem a bit daunting. However, the pros of being in a position to speak well definitely out ways the perceived fears. Eloquence when speaking publicly do you more good than harm. For instance, it can help you get that job promotion you have desired for so long. The good thing is that the further you stretch yourself to speak in front of an audience the higher your confidence levels will get and the better you will become at public speaking. There are very many avenues in which you can get training on becoming a better public speaker and what is common with these services is the fact that they equip you with the right tips you need to become better at public speaking. Good public speaking skills are not only important to your career but also on other aspects of your life. Such scenarios include being asked to give a eulogy for a loved one, make an impromptu speech at a friend’s wedding or even inspire volunteers in a charity event.

Let us look at some nine useful tips that will help you become a better speaker.

  • Proper training.
  • Plan accordingly.
  • Practice often.
  • Engage your audience.
  • Be keen on body language.
  • Think positively and stay calm.
  • Use tools.
  • Watch and listen to other public speakers.
  • Watch recordings of your previous speeches.

It is highly likely that at some point in your life speaking in public will be something that you will have to do. Let us, therefore, expound the above points further so as to give the tips you need thus prepare you adequately when that time comes.

Proper training-

Regardless of the platform that you will take as a public speaker, training is a very crucial step as it helps you to develop the skills to make each word you will utter have more meaning to your audience. At Moxie Institute, for instance, you will get this kind of top-notch training through a tailor-made approach which will make you achieve your major breakthrough as a keynote speaker. The training here combines innovative adult-learning theory, neuroscience and crucial performing arts techniques and these services will help you improve on your weaknesses while highlighting on your strengths in order for you to be in a position to connect with the core interests of your audience.

Plan accordingly-

It is important that you plan your communication accordingly and structure what you will say in front of your audience. Consider the introductory paragraph of a book. If it is not catchy, you will most probably stop reading it right there. The same concept applies when it comes to your speech; you need to keep your audience intrigued right from the beginning. You could start with an interesting headline or something factual pertaining to your topic of discussion and that which resonates well with your audience. Planning accordingly will help you even during that unpredictable question-answer segment of your presentation. Learn more about the importance of proper planning by visiting this link.

Practice often-

they say practice makes perfect and indeed it does. You cannot just wake up and be a confident and convincing speaker without practice. Make a point of seeking opportunities to speak in front of an audience. Put yourself in situations that necessitate public speaking and volunteer to be a speaker. Whatever presentation you will be delivering, create it as early as you possibly can. This gives you ample time to practice alone before the event. If necessary, you could do a dummy run in front of a tiny audience as it will help you be less nervous and get comfortable with the tools and materials you will be using during the event.

Engage your audience-

When you speak, it is important for you to engage with your audience as it keeps everybody involved and makes you feel part of the team and not just but a merely isolated speaker. You could ask relevant questions if appropriate. Do not read word for word from your notes as it is an amateurish move.

Be keen on body language-

Your body language will definitely give your audience some clues about what you’re feeling deep down. As such, it is very important to pay close attention to it. stand up straight, smile and maintain eye contact as it shows you’re confident and believe what you’re saying.

Think positively and stay calm- 

There is power in positive thinking. This can have a huge impact on the success of your communication. Self-sabotaging will do you no good whatsoever; it will rather lower your confidence and you won’t achieve your actual potential. Just before the speech, use affirmations and you can a well visualize yourself giving the best speech ever.

Use tools-

There are many useful tools when it comes to presentations and PowerPoint is one such tool. Effective use of these tools can be an awesome way of keeping your presentation entertaining and spicy.

Watch and listen to other public speakers-

Watching others who are good at public speaking will give you brilliant ideas and tips that you can use during your presentation. Pay attention to the striking techniques used by more experienced professional speakers. It is always good to borrow a leaf from the book of someone with more experience than yourself.

Watch recordings of your previous speeches-

It Is always good to record your presentations for future reference. This will with no doubt improve your skills majorly when you watch yourself and then work on the areas that didn’t go so well. Read more tips  here.

Standing up in front of people can be quite intimidating to many even though they might be our very own peers. Not only will the above tips help you overcome your fears but they will also go a long way in imparting the very crucial public-speaking skills in you.

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