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A Guide To Marketing Your Startup in 2019


A Guide To Marketing Your Startup in 2019

 We all wish that we were that start-up that blew up overnight. Unfortunately, for many start-ups, this is not the case. In order for your company to be seen and heard correctly marketing your start-up is probably one of the most important things that you need to consider. For many start-ups figuring out how to do this without the budget of a multi-million dollar corporation can be quite difficult.

In this article, we discuss how to successfully market your start-up without needing to rob a bank. What you will require, however, is a little bit of hard work.

Build an online network influential people within your industry:

The aim of any good marketing plan is to get people talking about the business and product. Building an online network of people that are very influential within your market allows them to share information about your company and product.This then allows it to reach a larger amount of people much faster than if you were to simply share it on your own online networking pages.

It can be hard when starting up to create a network of people. Use a media monitoring tool to help find the most influential people within your industry and start interacting with them on social media platforms. Like and comment on their pictures. Share their content. Follow their page. Do whatever it does to get you noticed by them, without being a pest. Make sure to include a link to your company’s website whenever you interact with an influencers page. This will allow them as well as their followers to be able to find you easily.

Create your own social media following:

Social media is a sure fire way to reach your target market and communicate with them effectively. Monitoring media effectively allows you to pinpoint where your target market is, and which social media platform they are using. Some social media platforms will work better for certain industries than others. Play to your strengths and pick the most suited platform on which to spend your time and resources, so you can develop an effective campaign.

The best way to attract attention to your social media is to locate which topics related to your industry interests your customer base the most, by using a media monitoring tool. After you have done this post relevant and engaging content often. Make sure your posts appeal to your target market by appearing to converse with them on a human level. Interact with your followers by responding to comments and questions on your social media quickly and efficiently. It is more effective to pick one or two forms of social media and work on building them up, rather than creating multiple forms of social media with a lacklustre following and user engagement rates on all of them.

Publish regular blog posts that are specific to your industry:

Publishing great content on your website blog doesn’t require a big budget, but can gain a lot of use and result in marketing for your business. While you can write about anything that will attract customers, it is best to stick to industry specific topics that are trending at that moment in time.

Find these topics by the media monitoring, and ensure that each blog post is well written and informative.Make sure to find keywords that are trending during the research, and then use these words within your blog post. Use catchy titles and write in a manner that engages your reader and makes them want to share your post with friends and family.

Create free guides and courses to give away to your target market:

 People love free stuff.Pair this hand-in-hand with the internets most recentsearched words “How-to”, and you’re onto a winner. Creating a free guide rather than just a blog post creates a resource for people that can be used again and again, whilst also sticking in their minds.

Find out what people want to know about topics within your industry by monitoring media and create a downloadable resource that will explain all these things. This can then also allow you to gather emails for further promotion by linking your downloadable resource to landing and opting pages on your website. Furthermore, by creating a downloadable resource for your website, you will attract attention from people that may not have visited your company or website otherwise.

Email promotional information to potential leads regularly:

As stated above you can create a list of email subscribers by providing incentives such as downloadable resources. After you have created this list, email them regularly with useful information regarding your industry and any new information about your product. This allows customers to engage with your company on a daily basis and also allows you to keep them updated about the progress and changes regarding your company.

Write guest posts on blogs that are specific to your industry:

While writing and maintaining a blog is essential for any businesses marketing plan, when you start out you will not have a very large consumer following. Reach out to your customers by using already established blogs that have a large following and in turn, have created trust with your target market.

Write a post on multiple blogs making sure to link to your company at the end, thus allowing readers to visit your website. This will allow you to be visible to a lot more potential customers faster than building your own following. Alternatively, ask bloggers to guest post on your blog. This will increase the SEO of your blog whilst also attracting their followers and readers.

Make sure people can find your company: 

List your company on online directories to ensure that people know how to contact you and get in touch, as well as be able to find out more information about your company.It also allows you to attract more local customers, as the first thing someone will do when they need to find a business close to them is search an online directory.

I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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