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A List of Your Top Considerations when Selecting a Seaming Machine


A List of Your Top Considerations when Selecting a Seaming Machine

Can seaming machines are undoubtedly essential for those who produce food or beverages for their business, and with the right piece of machinery, you can make your production process a lot faster – and a lot safer, not just for your consumers, but also for your workers and staff. But seaming machines come in different varieties, so it’s up to you to choose which variety or kind is best for your requirements. There are, for instance, different can or tin seamers needed for the handling of various types of products, so it will depend on the products you manufacture or produce as well. So how can you make sure of your choice when it comes to a can seaming machine? Here’s a list of your top considerations when selecting a seaming machine for your business.

  1. Your budget and requirements

First, you have to figure out your budget as well as your specific requirements. Your requirements should include three factors: your production output or demand, your actual product and the kind of materials you are planning to pack, and the available space in your facility or factory. For example, your production output or demand will decide the automation level you need for your chosen seaming machine. Additionally, different kinds of seaming machines are able to handle different materials as well as products, so you have to think about this and determine precisely what you require. Different machines also have various sizes as well as layouts, which means that you have to think about the available space in your facility.

But your budget plays a role, too; your budget will determine the quality of the seaming machine you choose. Here’s a word to the wise, however – it’s best not to compromise on quality when selecting your seamer, as this may well end up affecting your line of products in the long term.

  1. Prospective upgrades

You also have to think about prospective upgrades in the future for your facility and production line. If you have a small facility now, you may not always have the same-sized facility in the future, especially if you are aiming for growth (which all business owners obviously do). So if you are thinking of an expansion in the future, then choose a seamer machine that you can easily upgrade so it can accommodate your production demand when necessary.

  1. The durability and the warranty

It is also crucial for you to choose a seamer that is durable and that comes with a good warranty. With a durable machine, you don’t have to worry about delays in production due to untoward repairs. But the warranty counts as well because this can secure your guarantees and rights with your supplier in case there is an issue.

  1. The emergency switch

Last, but certainly not least, think about the emergency switch or switches. Even if all seaming machines today come with safety guards and you have provided your operators with the proper training, an accident can still occur in the midst of production. To lessen this risk, make sure the seaming machine has at least one emergency switch so you can have additional peace of mind regarding its safety.

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