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Do You Really Need a Dedicated Office at Home, or Is There a Better Alternative?


Do You Really Need a Dedicated Office at Home, or Is There a Better Alternative?

As the pandemic moves more and more people into working remotely, deciding whether you need a dedicated home office or just a functional workspace can be difficult. Though most people may want a luxurious corner office with a huge desk and comfy chair, the reality is, most people don’t have room for that in their homes. However, you don’t need a separate room to create an office space that you love.

If you live in a condo, apartment, or studio, you probably don’t have enough room for your own dedicated office. However, with some creative rearranging and the addition of a small computer desk, you can transform a corner of virtually any room into a little office oasis where you can work productively.

Tips for Creating a Functional Work Space in Your Home

You may not think you have room for a home office in your living space, but you’d be surprised how much room you can create with some clever rearranging and a little creativity. When it’s time to look for a desk, getting one that’s small is key. If you’re getting a smaller desk, look for some storage options to make sure you have space for all of your stuff. Here are a few different ideas to create a functional workspace with a small computer desk as the primary piece of furniture.

1. Utilize corners

You may not think of a small corner as the ideal spot for office space, but they can have unrealized potential. Look around at the unused corners in your home that have room for a small desk and plenty of outlet space for your computer and devices. Try to visualize how you would want to use the area to create an office or search online for some inspiration. Then, do your best to translate that into space you genuinely love. 

2. Use every nook and cranny

Does your home or apartment have any small or awkward nooks and crannies? These can often be repurposed into an office space with a small desk and chair. One common awkward space is beneath the staircase. Though you may not be able to stand up straight, there’s usually room to sit at a desk. Actually, using this space can bring cohesion to your living space and make your home look complete.

3. Let there be light

Your office space should have clear and ample lighting from the sun. Though you should have a small lamp for working at night, having your desk by a window gives you natural light and positive vibes. Lots of natural sunlight keeps your mood boosted, gives you a healthy dose of vitamin D, and helps you feel energized and productive when it’s time to get down to business. In fact, studies have shown that plenty of natural light is the number-one attribute that makes employees feel good about their work environment.

4. Consider a divider

Room dividers can be an excellent, cost-effective way to split a room and create a space of your own to work. If you live with other people, even a sheet upcycled into a room divider can be incredibly useful when you need some peace and quiet and a boost to your productivity. They aren’t always an option for everybody, but they can be invaluable for those who need to cut down on visual distractions.

You Don’t Need an Entire Room for Your Office

Whether you live on a vast estate or in a tiny studio apartment, you don’t need tons of space and a dedicated room for your home office. The pandemic has forced people everywhere to get super creative with their home office space as more and more people move to remote work. Look for a space with tons of natural light, utilize that awkward space beneath your stairs, or put up a room divider. The natural complement to a functional workspace is a smaller computer desk that offers a productive area to complete your work. With plenty of suns and a small space of your own, you can have a beautiful home office just about anywhere in your home.

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