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Ebay basics: Make your listing stand out


Ebay basics: Make your listing stand out

With millions of items being sold on eBay why are people going to buy yours instead of the competition ? To try and get most sales you need to make your listing stand out from the crowd to try and get as much attention to it as possible.

Use gallery images

By using a gallery image for your listing it will make it stand out clearly on the pages. This is because gallery images are more detailed and higher quality than you can take yourself. This will make your listing more proffesional and appealing to potential customers who want to purchase your product.

Featured post

Even though featured posts can be expensive, if you are selling lots of the same product then it is definitely worth the investment to make your product stand out  above the other listings.

Become a top rated seller

when browsing through eBay listings the top rated seller symbol provides people with reassurance that what they are going to buy will get to them and will be as describe. There are some requirements that you will have to meet which you can view here. But become a top rated seller also has lots of benefits.

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