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Finding Affordable Flyers & Leaflets For Your Business


Finding Affordable Flyers & Leaflets For Your Business

Business minded people know the importance of keeping down outgoing costs in order to maximise profits. It is common sense really, but when it comes to advertising a business caution must be taken when trying to cut corners. Flyers and leaflets are a popular way of advertising a business or an event, but these can end up costing a packet when you were hoping to make it instead.

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The best way to reduce the costs of printing flyers and leaflets, without compromising on quality or volume, is to shop around for the best deals. The internet is probably the best place to start, with dozens of printing companies continually claiming to offer the cheapest print services. However, it is important to go with a company that offers high standards and has glowing reviews.

Instant Print is the go-to website for many companies, with its dedication to high standards in addition to offering the service of 24 hour dispatch proving popular. First and foremost, the site already offers initial low rates for flyers, leaflets and other business stationary, but also, when ordering from the site, you can save money by buying in bulk; the more you offer them more money you will save.

You might also find other offers and discount prices for specific orders, for example, at the moment they are offering a 20% discount on a variety of products.

For many businesses, flyers and leaflets are a necessity and can prove to be a hefty outgoing cost if costing has not been researched thoroughly. To save money, you could end up with a product that is of poor quality however, that advertising material is a representation of your company’s brand, so to distribute poor advertising material would jeopardise the reputation of your business.

To ensure you find a good deal on advertising material without compromising your company’s branding, visit

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