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Five Roles You Can Outsource To A Virtual Assistant


Five Roles You Can Outsource To A Virtual Assistant

Thanks to the internet, there is a whole load of tasks and jobs that can now be outsourced from your company and given to a virtual assistant. This can help you out a lot, especially if you work for yourself. Self-employed usually get a virtual assistant to help take some of the stress of running a business alone away. If you already have a team of employees, a virtual assistant can keep costs down as you won’t have to expand your team. All virtual assistants are freelance, so you can cut costs by not having to pay for sick leave and holiday time. So what exactly can you outsource? Here are five common roles.

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Executive Assistants

It’s great having someone who manages your calendar and inbox for you. However, an executive assistant can be expensive to employ. Not when they are freelance and outsourced! Not only is an outsourced assistant one less body in the office, but you also benefit from the other perks of hiring a freelancer. You don’t need to pay sick leave or insurance. Think about hiring an assistant in a different timezone. If they are based in a timezone that is behind yours, they can prepare things for you while you’re still in bed! Having someone in a different timezone can also be beneficial. Especially for any customer service if your business has business in other continents.


If your business is small enough, you should be able to manage your company books on your own. However, if it all starts to get too much for you, you may need a financial expert to help you out. Bookkeepers can be outsourced because all you need to do is email them copies of all your invoices and receipts. This will also encourage you to have all your paper documents backed up in soft copies on your computer.

HR Consultant

It is possible to find an HR Consultancy online who will be able to take your administrative and HR tasks out of your hands. They can also help you hire new staff members even though they aren’t based in your office. Simply get them to write up job adverts and sift through all the applications for you to create a shortlist of applicants to interview. They can also join in on interviews, conference calls and meetings thanks to Skype.

Social Media Managers

Social media can be controlled from anywhere with an internet connection. That means your social media manager doesn’t need to be in the office. As long as someone can access your company’s social media accounts, then they will be all set up to take care of your online presence. They can also manage a team of freelance content writers for you from wherever they may be based. This is another role for which you should consider hiring people in different continents. Then you can have round the clock social media interaction!

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to restrict your business to just the one office. Try outsourcing your roles and responsibilities today!

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