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Graduates:10 tips to stand out from the crowd


Graduates:10 tips to stand out from the crowd

 A recent study reveals that aspiring graduates need more than letters after their name to land a dream job. It found that more than half of all graduates were either unemployed or working a menial job six months after leaving university.

With fierce competition for new jobs, graduates need to do all they can to find potential employers, get themselves noticed and make themselves heard. Utilising social media and the web can help this happen.

1. Prove yourself

Use the opportunities the web offers to prove yourself by setting up a blog that chronicles a passion, or even a site that details your experience as an online CV. You don’t need to be a technical whizz – companies like Moonfruit have many templates to help you get started.

2. Improve yourself

Gandhi once said “we must be the change we wish to see”. Graduates must somehow do the job they wish to have: through internships, spare time projects, careful online research or attending industry events.

3. Offer yourself

The volunteer proves themselves in difficult circumstances and reveals their dedication to a career path. Never hide such experiences on your CV but search them out online and then shout them from the rooftops.

4. Give your CV the copywriting treatment

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Give your CV and covering letters a copywriting makeover:

  • Use attention-grabbing numbered lists, such as ‘5 reasons to interview me’, to draw out your selling points and draw in employers.
  • Make a great first impression with email subject lines. Ditch ‘Editorial job application’ in favour of ‘Blogging graduate with sharp editorial skills would love to work for you’.
  • Use bullet points and short sentences to make things easy to read.
  • Use a thesaurus to keep your vocabulary varied and punchy.


5. Be different

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A CV is nothing more than you telling an employer why you’re right for the job. Internet marketers use infographics to help them convey information in easy to understand ways. Whether you’re using an online CV or a paper one, such a device can help get you noticed. Click here for more presentation ideas gleaned from web pages rather than job pages.

6. Look beyond the milkround

Use social media to find small companies who cannot afford national advertising or careers fairs. Gumtree, Twitter and Facebook are great places to start networking.

7. Make interviews yours

Research your potential employers and know their market and competitors. Be ready to ask pertinent questions gleaned from your research. This way you can take control of your interview rather than spending all your time hopping on the back foot.

8. Save the best till last

Every interview will end with the offer for you to ask any questions. Make sure you have some ready so you can leave a strong last impression – because it’s not only first impressions that count.

9. Be prepared

Don’t wait for a difficult question to stump you. Have answers prepared for questions like how you handled a difficult situation, your weaknesses, your strengths and many others. Tailor examples you use to the role you’re applying for.

10. Follow through

History can be rewritten. Never hesitate to follow through after an interview with a quick email to say thanks for the opportunity, restating your interest and recapping quickly why you’re right for the job – even if you forgot to mention this at the interview.

Email, social media, techniques from internet marketing and internet searches can help you to power your job search, network and present yourself effectively. Get googling to get that job!

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