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How Much Compensation Can You Get from a Workplace Accident Claim?


How Much Compensation Can You Get from a Workplace Accident Claim?

 Accidents in the workplace happen all the time, despite the most stringent procedures put in place by a company and despite everyone’s best efforts to avoid them. But sometimes, the accident can be the result of improper training or a lack of it, and it can also be the result of the use of faulty equipment or exposure to toxic substances or chemicals in the workplace. It can also be as simple as a slip or fall on a wet floor. But all of these may have one thing in common: regardless of the workplace accident, if you believe that the accident is the result of your employer’s negligence, you may be able to claim compensation. Suffering an injury in the workplace is bad enough, but if you think that your injury was caused by your employer’s negligence, then you deserve compensation. But how much compensation can you get from a workplace accident claim? Here, your main questions are answered.

  • For a head or facial injury

Head injuries can range from minor to moderately serious or severe to severe, and those who have suffered an injury to the head which is extremely serious or severe, rendering them unresponsive or in a vegetative state, can receive compensation between £240,000 and £345,000. Those who have received a mild head injury with minimal or no damage to the brain but with the injury causing lasting effects can receive compensation of between £13000 and 36,000. 

Extremely serious facial injuries resulting in scarring and disfigurement can award compensation from £25,000 to £83,000 while mild face injuries resulting in ‘trivial’ scarring can get compensation of between £1400 to 11,700, as confirmed by the work injury claim Gloucester experts from Shires Law. 

  • For a neck or back injury

A severe neck injury which has caused problems with movement can award compensation between £38000 to £126,000, while a mild injury to the neck such as whiplash, depending on how long it lasts and how painful it is, can result in compensation of around £6,700. A back injury that is severe, possibly resulting in paralysis, can be awarded from £33,000 to £137,000 in compensation, while a mild injury to the back such as a sprain, strain, slipped disc, or muscle pain requiring treatment can be awarded compensation of up to £10,600.

  • For an arm or hand injury

An extremely severe injury to the arm resulting in amputation can be awarded from £82000 to as much as £255,000 in compensation, and a less severe injury or fracture between £5200 to 15,000. A wrist injury causing a full loss of function can entitle compensation from between £40,000 to £51,000, while a minor fracture can entitle you to compensation from £3,000 to £4,000. If a hand is amputated, the compensation received can be between £120,000 and £171,000. 

  • For a leg or foot injury 

A severe injury to the leg causing amputation can result in compensation between £83,000 and £240,000, while a less severe injury such as fracture or damage to the soft tissue or a break resulting in incomplete recovery can entitle you to up to £23000 in compensation. A severe foot injury causing amputation can result in compensation between £71,000 and £171,000, while a mild injury with a good recovery prognosis can provide compensation of up to £11,000. 

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