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How Unmonitored Workers Can Ruin Your Brand’s Reputation


How Unmonitored Workers Can Ruin Your Brand’s Reputation

Countless people in a variety of industries are identified as “lone workers.” They might be the only person who works in a location, or they could be separated from other workers on the job site. They also might work outside of normal hours or work away from the company’s fixed base. Regardless of job or industry, lone workers represent their companies where they are at work. While many do an excellent job, it is possible for one of your employees to ruin your brand’s reputation. Look at some of the ways these employees can hurt your brand along with lone worker solutions to avoid this problem.

Failure to Show Up

You likely have some amazing lone workers who show up to every job site and appointment, but what happens if one doesn’t? If someone is expecting an employee on a job site or a service call and he or she doesn’t come, the worker won’t take the heat. Your company will. The customer will be less likely to use your company in the future, and you could lose lots of money.

You are likely trying to determine the best of the lone worker solutions for this problem. Get a lone worker device with GPS tracking, so you will know where your employees are at all times.

Job-related Injuries

Did you know that job-related injuries can actually damage your brand’s reputation? Injuries at work can lead to lawsuits, and before you know it, your company will be splashed all over the news. If this happens, people will make a snap judgment about your brand.

When looking for lone worker solutions, consider a device that allows employees to tag risks and share that information with colleagues. This will cut down on accidents on the job site and help you protect your reputation. It will also save you from lawsuits and the financial fallout that comes with workplace injuries.

Fights on the Job Site

Most of the time, everything goes smoothly on the job site. What happens if a fight occurs, though? This can damage your reputation beyond the point of repair, especially if you don’t know what happened. You won’t know who started the issue or who to blame. The police might get involved, and your brand could be dragged through the mud in the process.

Choose a lone worker device with video. If a problem arises, you can review the video and take the necessary action. You will quickly determine who was at fault, and you can hand the video over to the police if needed. This is an excellent way to protect your reputation. Also, it will help you keep your employees safe while on the job.

Strengthen Your Workforce With Lone Worker Solutions

Lone workers are important to your company, and they represent you at every turn. It’s critical to monitor them to protect your reputation. Lone worker devices provide the solution to all of the issues you face. You can protect your reputation and your employees with one of these devices.

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