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How You Can Choose the Ideal Colour Theme or Scheme for Your Website for 2020


How You Can Choose the Ideal Colour Theme or Scheme for Your Website for 2020

 There is a lot you have to take into account when you are planning to redesign your existing website or have one created from scratch, and these include its layout and architecture, configuration, theme, wording, visuals, and so on. But all too often, not many website owners pay enough attention to something that seems simple but has a significant effect on the website’s success: the colour theme or scheme. Think about it: if your website colours are dated and dull and the colours you choose make your site less readable, your visitors can leave after only a few seconds. But since there are so many colours out there, which colours should you choose to stay in tune with the times? Here’s how you can choose the ideal colour theme or scheme for your website for 2020.

Softer hues and tones

Softer hues and tones are an ongoing trend, and if you want to stay on-point with your colour theme, choose soft hues that are classy, appealing, and sophisticated. You can also combine your soft colour theme or scheme with a simple layout, making sure you leave ample white space as well. The white space will allow your website pages to ‘breathe’ which relaxes your visitors and doesn’t leave them overwhelmed. Combine this with the minimum use of text, and if you are selling products, it may be best to feature only one product on one page at a time rather than trying to cram them all in a single page.  

A pop of colour mixed with simple off-white or grey 

You can also take advantage of another brilliant trend in website colour themes: a pop of colour mixed with simple off-white or grey. Keep your site simple with a bright red accent combined with off-white or grey, for example, and you can even add more text to it because these combinations can make it easy to read. If you want a colour theme or palette which is professional as well as simple and is suitable for pages with more text, then this colour theme is a great choice.

Gradients: blues, greens, and whites

There is a developing trend when it comes to colour palettes and schemes nowadays as well: gradients. Gradients are comprised of different shades of the same colour, but some of the most popular colours used for gradients include blues, greens, and whites. If you take the colour blue and make it your main colour, you can use different shades of it to give your site a more pleasing appeal without making it too overwhelming to the eye. Gradients can help you achieve modernity when it comes to your website, making it look hipper and trendier and more contemporary, as confirmed by website design experts from Expre Digital Ltd. 

Throwback tones 

Another growing trend with colour themes and schemes for websites is the use of throwback tones. These throwback tones can be quite attractive, and reds and oranges take centre stage. Red and orange have always been associated with the retro movement, and websites are making use of them and giving them a more modern twist. One way you can make it more modern is with the use of gradients. Once again, gradients can liven up your website while still making it look nostalgic and comforting.

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