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Influencing the Productivity of Your Employees: 5 Tips for Overhauling Your Office


Influencing the Productivity of Your Employees: 5 Tips for Overhauling Your Office

Running a business can be very rewarding both to your spirit and your bottom line. But when you start to notice employee morale taking a dip or a slowing of productivity, something has to be done. And the sooner the better. The last thing you want is for a negative culture to set in within the company you worked hard to build. You don’t want your customers or clients to start to feel the effects of a change in productivity, so here are five tips for overhauling your office.

1. Get the Right Equipment

It stinks when you don’t have the necessary tools to do your job. Make sure your employees have the necessary equipment and software to keep your business running smoothly. Not only that, make sure your equipment works properly. Of course, there will be times when something goes wrong and there may be a delay while IT or repairmen are working on the problem, but when these small setbacks arise, do your part to offer an in the meantime solution and keep morale high. And don’t forget your office coffee, because the right machine can make a world of difference.

2. Make Sure Everyone Has Adequate Training

Everyone should know what they are doing and the best way to go about it. There is nothing worse than being inadequate. Provide the necessary training when employment begins as well as along the way. Whenever necessary schedule development days where retraining can take place. When your employees are clear on what they should be doing and how to best do their jobs, productivity naturally will increase.

3. Design Great Incentives

Everyone enjoys a good perk. When you set production goals or any other goal for your employees, it helps to offer small incentives that keep them moving forward. It doesn’t have to be a brand new car or some other game show reward, but a $25 gift card or a free day off will do wonders for morale and productivity. Having small in-house contests is an innovative employee incentive idea. Keep in mind, the incentive is only a way to keep attention on the goals your company is working towards.

4. Create a Family Like Atmosphere

This doesn’t mean that you treat them exactly like your parents or your spouse, it just means that you accept your employees for who they are and what they have to offer. And knowing what affects their productivity also helps. It means that you treat them with respect and use loving, constructive criticism. Your employees should know that whatever happens, you have their backs and you’re willing to go to war for them.

5. Be a Role Model

When you were someone’s employee, you probably enjoyed seeing the boss doing work too. It is never any fun to see your employer with his feet up on the desk, twiddling his thumbs and delegating all the work without actually doing anything himself. As an employer, you have to show your employees the type of dedication and work ethic you want to see from them. When your employees know that you are working just as hard as them, they will be more likely to mirror that same dedication and drive.

Overhauling your office doesn’t have to mean firing everyone and starting fresh or hiring a firm to oversee the process. There are small and simple things that you can do to increase the productivity of your employees. Employee engagement is a big factor when it comes to productivity, so how you balance their needs and the company’s goals matters a lot. It may take a lot of effort at first, but once you get in the habit of promoting a more productive mindset, you’ll be glad you did the work.

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