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Making money creating apps


Making money creating apps

Everybody these days has heard of apps for phones and other mobile phones. Well instead of just downloading them you can easily get started building them today and they are a great way to make money with small start up costs. You may have even seen teenagers in the news making applications. With thousands of apps being submitted each week you need to make sure that you do not miss out on this great money making opportunity. However this does mean that there is a lot of competition. What you need a good starting idea. Something that will stand out from other applications when consumers are looking through. You must think about what your unique selling point is carefully and what will make it sell.

If you do not know anything about coding you can pay a developer to design and build your application for you, however you can easily get started by using online tutorials. You can now build applications in Adobe Flash CS5.5 for android and IOS.

There is two ways you can make money with your application. Firstly you can sell it for a set amount as a paid application and you will get paid a certain percentage every time someone downloads your app. If you do not want to make it a paid application but still want to make money from your app you can sell it as a free application but place advertisements in your app and you will get paid when users click on the advertisement.

You can view our app on the ovi store.

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