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Telling Customers About Your Products


Telling Customers About Your Products

Marketing is a difficult thing to get right, especially if you don’t have the benefit of specialists in the field working directly for you. Your expertise is in your industry: solving the problems of your field faster, better and cheaper than your rivals so you have a quality product to deliver to them.

For that it’s tricky and frustrating, it’s still well worth understanding how marketing works so you can try to get it right.

Why is Marketing Important?

The simple truth is that marketing is telling customers about your products. Without a strategy to communicate what you’ve made and why it’s worthwhile to your customers, you cannot expect them to buy from you.

The Two Sides of Marketing

A successful marketing strategy has two main components: creative and data.

Your creative side is the words and images that make up the advert, whether they’re static designs, pictures of your stock or a filmed advert with actors. Creative ad campaigns are important: they don’t just build anticipation for your products and sales, they communicate the values of your brand, making it bigger, stronger and more persuasive to more people.

It’s important to test your marketing materials before your full-scale launch: a bold concept that misses the mark and fails to impress your customers can do serious damage to your brand! A market research agency can help you to refine your concepts and make sure that when you launch your next big marketing push, it’s one that will really connect with your customers.

Data and Targeting

The best adverts in the world won’t help you make more sales if they don’t reach the customers who have money to spend on your products or services and can be persuaded to do that!  You need to know who your customers are and where they spend their time if you’re going to reach the right people.

Optimising where you place your adverts – both digitally and in the physical world – can make a huge difference to your ROI. Return on investment is one of the most important metrics to track to show you how your ads are performing. In very basic terms, it shows if your adverts are worth the money you’re spending on them: if your ROI is negative, or very low, something is wrong and you need to make changes.

Good targeting means placing adverts in the newspapers your customers read (only those), paying for posters only on their commuter routes, attaching them to the keywords your customers are using to search, and finding audiences on the social networks they use to keep up with friends – and not paying to put adverts in front of people who simply don’t want to buy your products!

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