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The Risks of Relying Heavily on Social Media Influencers for Marketing


The Risks of Relying Heavily on Social Media Influencers for Marketing

No one can blame you if you gamble on social media influencers for promoting your business. They have a considerable influence. People listen to them. If you do a great job in choosing the right influencer, it could drastically change the business. However, it’s also a mistake to gamble everything on social media influencers. Things could go wrong, and you might not recover from it.

Influencers aren’t perfect

You need to understand that these influencers are only humans. They might make mistakes along the way. They’re only credible because of the image that they project. If they fail to maintain it, they will lose support. The problem is that if you depend heavily on them for marketing, their failure also means the failure of your business. Every influencer could make a wrong move, and you can’t take that big of a risk.

Influencers want to look authentic

The reason why these influencers are popular is that they’re genuine. People like them because of their personality. They don’t want to compromise their brand to promote a business. They might accept sponsorships, but it doesn’t mean they will only say good things about your brand. If they dislike what you have to offer, they will be honest about it. In short, your strategy could backfire. Instead of gaining support, you could lose potential customers.

It might be a temporary thing

If there’s one thing the digital age has taught us, it’s the fact that things change quickly. People easily get bored and shift their attention elsewhere. Influencers might be a thing now, but not for long. At some point, there will be other new shiny objects. You don’t want to be behind the game when that time comes. Look for other reliable marketing strategies that will stand the test of time.

Diversify your marketing campaign

The possible failure of these influencers doesn’t mean you can no longer count on them. It means that you have to diversify your marketing strategy. You want to know that life will go on even if this marketing campaign fails. For instance, you have to work on your offline marketing strategies. You can invest in a digital kiosk display to target local audiences. Even if your online campaigns fail, you can still continue advertising through digital signage. Besides, you want to target different groups of people. Influencers have a broad reach, but they don’t necessarily reach all your target customers. If you use different platforms for advertising, there’s a good chance of reaching out to as many people as possible.

Build your brand

The key to success in marketing is to establish a brand. People need to recognise your brand and how it stands out against competitors. Regardless of your chosen marketing platform, you must highlight your brand. Give everyone a reason to remember you, especially in a crowded industry.

Sit with your marketing team and look for ways to remain relevant using different advertising platforms. 

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