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The Role of Virtualization in Your Startup


The Role of Virtualization in Your Startup

Virtualization has been big in the enterprise market for years but it is now beginning to pick up traction for small and medium-sized businesses. Experts are now predicting the adoption of virtualization by startups to significantly increase in the coming months. For this reason, new business startups need to carefully consider all of the advantages of virtualization including security, ease of management and lower hardware costs.

Understanding Virtualization

Many of us have a difficult time conceptualizing virtualization because we traditionally think of the operating system and the hardware as one specific unit. When we refer to a “PC,” our minds are associating it as a physical computer running an operating system. Virtualization however, separates the code from the hardware. It basically makes the computer the holder of a file which is stored on a central server. To learn more in-depth visit

Virtualization Results in Lower Costs

One of the most immediate and obvious benefits for new business startups that is offered by virtualization is the cost savings. Although this is true for all sizes of companies, it is perhaps a more important factor for startups with a finite budget.  This is an important reason why future startups will be implementing virtualization.

Virtual Desk Tops Promote Sustainability   

Virtualization is now becoming one of the hottest new technologies for new startups for other reasons besides the reduction of expenses. One of these reasons has to do with the green agenda. With the need for fewer servers and the use of less electricity, the result is greener, more sustainable IT.

Virtualization Enhances Data Security

Data security is another important issue that startups need to carefully consider.  Large companies often utilize data centers and software that creates virtual “servers”. These virtual servers replace physical servers, which allow those companies to better protect their data. Virtualization now enables small players to enjoy these types of advantages of data security.

Unauthorized Users are Blocked

Virtualization protects company data when a device is lost or stolen or someone leaves the company and fails to return the computer. With virtualization, a management console will automatically check with the server and block entry attempts by unauthorized users. Data security is a growing issue that is effectively addressed by virtualization.

Virtualization Enhances Ease of Management

According to John Whaley, CTO of MokaFive, virtualization actually has multiple uses even for companies which do not use multiple operating systems. He contends that it can greatly simplify managing company laptops; “If you give someone a laptop, there are all the headaches of dealing with the laptop”. He points out that when a laptop needs an update or becomes infected with malware, the company IT staff needs to spend time and resources to address the issue.

Managing the Life Cycle is Easier

According to Whaley, “Managing desktops and laptops is a huge problem,” He points out that with virtualization, you can manage the entire life cycle of the system more easily. Everything from setting them up, to keeping them running smoothly, to updating them and terminating them at the appropriate time is made easier with virtualization. This one reason alone makes virtualization a serious consideration for startups.

On-premise vs. the Cloud

Another thing to consider has to do with on-premise virtualization vs. cloud virtualization. These considerations need to include scalability and availability in addition to the security of cloud deployment compared to on-premise. Clearly there are lots of things to consider when doing a business start-up. Fortunately, there are also lots of good choices available as well. In the future, new startups will need to seriously consider all of the advantages of virtualization including ease of management, increased security and hardware costs.

About the Author: David Malmborg works with Dell, and enjoys writing about technology. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, the outdoors, and spending time with his family. You can find more information about Dell Thin Client solutions here.

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