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The value of influencer marketing software for a start-up


The value of influencer marketing software for a start-up

Whether you own a large or small business, you need to understand the value of online marketing. The world of social media is huge and can spread a viral message around like wildfire. That’s why it’s time for you to jump on board the social media train and use the power of influencers to spread your brand around different online software, like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Here are the top reasons why it’s time to get an influencer to market your product online.

Access any influencer

It can be hard to get in contact with the right influencer. Unfortunately, they get a lot of emails on a daily basis and can easily misplace your messages. However, having influencer marketing software can get you unlimited access to different influencers across all social medias. This includes larger influencers online and offline, or smaller-scale influencers if you are looking for a small amount of advertising to get started. The choice is entirely up to you. Keep in mind that you your influencer marketing software may also be able to put you in contact with offline celebrities (aka. movie stars or TV hosts), but keep in mind that they may demand a higher fee in return for advertising your brand.

Blacklisting Fake Influencers 

It can take a while to find the right influencer to market your brand. That’s why influencer marketing software, for instance from Influencer Marketing Agency Socially Powerful, can blacklist profiles that are clearly fake or influencers that have fake followers, accounts and fake engagement/performance statistics. That way you can uncover influencers that you did not originally know about before anyone else does.

Understanding your brand

Now, one of the main advantages of having an influencer involved in your marketing (and helping you understand your software) is that they know your brand’s best chance of advertisements better than you do. So, for instance, if you were involved in the beauty business and owned your own makeup firm, you may want to have a beauty guru from YouTube on your side. They can advise you on how you can work with them to make an effective beauty palette, or how they can use your name (and products) in their videos. Advertising is a daily part of their lives. So, having them show you how to use social media software will be a blessing.


If you want to make sure that your influencer is helping your market grow, and advertising your product well, influencer marketing software can also keep an eye on their analytics.This is especially useful if they are producing sponsored content as you can keep an eye on how clear they say your brand’s identity and how they recommend you to their audience. The recommendations are backed with data that is taken from video and post metrics. This will analyse the audience’s behaviour to see how well they are interacting with the content and the influencer. That way if any problems start to arise, your influencer marketing software can warn you about it before it has any real lasting damage.


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