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Three Unexpected Ways to Injure Yourself at Work


Three Unexpected Ways to Injure Yourself at Work

All employers are required by law to have health and safety procedures in place to prevent employees from being injured. However, every year, there are still many people who have accidents and injuries while at work. No one ever expects to get hurt, but it can happen in almost any circumstance. A small spillage on the floor, over-reaching to pick something up, or even making yourself a coffee in the kitchen can be something that causes an injury. While health and safety measures are there to protect us, we still need to take care in the workplace. This guide shows you some of the more unexpected ways to injure yourself at work.

  1. Slipping

A slip and a fall can happen in the blink of an eye and is always unexpected. It could be that flooring is uneven, or that carpet has begun to lift creating a trip hazard that no one has noticed. Slipping is an apparent hazard on a wet floor, but even small debris, such as food, can be slippery if stood on.

  1. Walking into Things

Walking into things at work can sometimes cause serious injury. We’ve probably all experienced accidentally walking into a door frame; however, in some places of work, there are more hazards to be aware of. Factories will have heavy machinery and materials stored, workshops are likely to have things stored on racking, and even in offices, there may be items fixed to walls, such as presentation screens and noticeboards. These can present a hazard that could cause head, eye or muscle injuries should they get walked into. If you have had an injury at work, you may be able to claim compensation if your employer is at fault. If you have had to have time off due to injury, no matter what sort, it is a good idea to talk with professionals such as The Compensation Experts. 

  1. Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive strain injury, or RSI, is caused by muscles and joints repeating the same action over long periods of time. It mostly includes the hands, wrists, and arms. However, it can affect other areas of the body by sitting or working in one position for too long. People who typically suffer from this injury include people who sit at computers all day or those who have to perform repetitive tasks. RSI is an unexpected injury because it begins gradually. It might not be noticeable for some time, or you might not realize what is causing pain in your body. Poorly designed workspaces and uncomfortable office chairs may be a critical factor in RSI, and something that employers should take seriously.

Any injury at work should be thoroughly investigated to prevent it from happening to other employees or visitors. You can also help minimize the risks by dealing with any hazards you notice, such as cleaning up a spillage even if you didn’t cause it, and reporting more significant dangers to those who are in charge of health and safety in your workplace.

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