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Uralchem Reports Sales Increase in the Domestic Market


Uralchem Reports Sales Increase in the Domestic Market

URALCHEM JSC, a large Russian manufacturer of chemical products, founded by Dmitry Mazepin, increased the total sales numbers in the domestic market by 16% in 2019 as compared to 2018.

Dmitry Mazepin’s enterprise’s main competitive goal is to develop and produce innovative fertilizers which can be tailored to particular market segments according to the strategy that was chosen and which focuses on ensuring the flexibility of the production.

The overall amounts of the products dispatched to the CIS including Russia were reported to be 3 million tons, which appears to be approximately 400 thousand tons higher than the year before. The most significant increase regarded the sales of mineral fertilizers produced by Uralchem. Their sales grew by 32%, so that the volume verged on 1.5 million tons in Russia and 200 million tons more were delivered to the CIS countries.

URALCHEM is one of the largest producers of mineral fertilizers with facilities available for manufacturing and storing tons of products, which, both in the CIS and in the Russian Federation, are marketed by the Trading House. Established in 2008 under Dmitry Mazepin’s initiative, it collaborates mainly with the country’s industrial and agricultural sectors and conducts all of the holding’s commercial operations within the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Dmitry Mazepin’s and the Trading House’s policy helped URALCHEM remain the leader among the companies engaged in marketing ammonium nitrate in Russia. Over the period in question, the holding shipped over 900 thousand tons of the fertilizer which is 26% higher than the 2018 figures. The industrial sector was supplied with approximately 600 tons, which indicated a 27% increase compared to 2018. Dmitry Mazepin’s policy was to ensure that the proper distribution and logistics enabled the enterprise to double the sales of innovative water-soluble fertilizers.

The CEO of URALCHEM Trading House, Yury Voronin, praises the distributors:

“URALCHEM Trading House is successfully implementing the sales strategy in the domestic market. In the year of 2019 approximately 50% of all the company’s products were manufactured in the domestic market. Significant attention is being paid to the demands of the agricultural sector and the enterprise is doing its best to develop the most effective and efficient system of distribution”.

There was considerable growth in the sales of products aimed at industrial consumption (around 12% in 2019). The total numbers of the products delivered to the customers reached 1.3 million tons. These include premium calcium nitrate, urea and ammonium nitrate.

URALCHEM founder, Mazepin states the ultimate goal of the company:

The main aim of URALCHEM  now is to develop the sales to end consumers with the help of the whole network of warehouses belonging to the holding’s partners. Over the year, there appeared 15 new storage points (the number increased from 40 to 55), which contributed to the shipment of more than 350 thousand tons of manufactured produce, as Dmitry Mazepin has stated.

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