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What is PVC Banner Material?


What is PVC Banner Material?

With the popularity of banner advertising ever growing, there are often many different questions that surround the manufacturing process that goes into making printed PVC banners. One of the more frequently asked questions is ‘What is PVC banner material?’

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Polyvinyl chloride is a very common polymer that has now entered the English language simply as PVC. PVC is made flexible by adding plasticisers to the structure which allows it to take on different forms and functions. When it comes to producing printed PVC banners it is this flexibility that allows the banner to be fixed in various places and situations. The freedom of movement also increases the lifespan of the banner as they do not tend to go brittle and snap as quickly as their more solid counterparts.


PVC is said to have been discovered by accident, twice. First in 1835 by Henri Victor Regnault who was a French chemist, and then by Eugen Baumann a German chemist in 1872. Each time the polymer appeared as a white solid after vinyl chloride was left in flasks that were placed in direct sunlight. It wasn’t until 1926 when the B.F. Goodrich Company found a way to plasticise PVC that it became the flexible material that we know today. It is all thanks to this history that we can now easily produce high quality PVC banners.


UK PVC banner printing suppliers produce a printed PVC banner by using UV inks which allows for a full range of colours to be implemented. It is this colour range that can make a printed PVC banner so effective in communicating the business or individuals message across to their preferred target audience. It is this effectiveness that has kept them at the top of the display advertising tree for so many years. In fact the list of PVC banners UK suppliers is an ever growing one and potential customers would be advised to choose their PVC banner printing supplier wisely.


As the demand continues for PVC banner UK businesses are looking for ways to give a more personal feel to their banners. This can be achieved by using a PVC banner printing supplier that will allow you to upload your artwork directly to them so that when they come to print your banner it will be produced exactly as you require it.


With the amount of UK and overseas exhibitions and trade shows growing year on year it is little wonder that there is still such a great market for PVC banners. UK suppliers are offering fantastic deals for printed PVC banners so now is the time to consider using one in your next marketing drive, especially if you are intending to be promoting a new product or service any time in the near future.

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