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You’re Fired! How The Experts Dismiss Problem Employees


You’re Fired! How The Experts Dismiss Problem Employees

Letting go of problem employees sound easy in principle, but it’s rarely easy in practice. Getting rid of somebody, without following all the proper laws and procedures can land you and your business in a lot of bother. Thus, it’s essential you take the right steps to remove a problem employee without putting your own livelihood on the line.

The good news is that you’re not the only person who has had to deal with a problem employee. Employees have been causing small businesses and entrepreneurs problems since there were businesses. Here we’re going to look at some of what these experts recommend businesses do when firing problem employees.

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Give Them A Chance To Leave Of Their Own Accord

Rikka Brandon runs a recruiting agency. She notes that employers regularly hire people who aren’t suitable for the job. Most employers will sit tight and cross their fingers, hoping the situation will improve, or that they’ll leave on their own. But Rikka doesn’t recommend waiting. Instead, she suggests that entrepreneurs take control. Her advice is to approach the problem employee and suggest that he or she not suitable for the role. Often, this conversation is enough to push them out of the door. It’s a good first strategy to avoid potentially problematic disciplinary or legal proceedings.

Get Your House In Order

Amanda Haddaway is an HR consultant who also trains HR departments. Her advice is to make sure that you’re well prepared in advance of the dismissal. She recommends getting all the relevant documentation together so that you’re well prepared when the time comes. Amanda suggests keeping the conversation to a minimum. Discuss factual things, like the fact that employees need to return company items, or how long their benefits will continue.

Be Clear On The Facts

Chantal Bechervaise is an author and publisher. Her advice is only to focus on the facts of the situation and to follow the law. Business leaders should consult with legal firms, like AFG Law, if they are contemplating a dismissal. Chantal says that there is a legal framework for dismissals, unique to every region. So check the local laws before making any split-second decisions.

Don’t Go It Alone

Firing an employee can be an emotional decision and challenging for an employee to accept. That’s by Lisa Brown of NonProfit HR, recommends that an HR representative is in the room at the time. Brown says that if you don’t have an HR representative, just another trusted person from the company would suffice.

Don’t Fabricate Excuses

Some employees who turn up on time and do their work, but don’t fit into the company. Often, these are the hardest to dispatch. It’s tough to tell somebody that they just aren’t suited to your particular business culture. The key here is to be honest. Tell somebody if they’re not the right fit for your firm, says Richard Hadden of Contented Cow Partners. Don’t just make up performance issues to get rid of them. They’ll see right through that. Plus, you’ll end up looking ridiculous when they point out that they’ve delivered on all their projects.

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