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5 Ways to actually make money with a website

Making money

5 Ways to actually make money with a website

There are many different ways to make money with a website and no doubt about most webmasters have tried and failed at many different methods. Many people fail as they give up too soon without actually giving any time for it too succeed. Making money with your website it also dependent on the amount of traffic which your website receives. Without a good amount of traffic you are not going to be able to make money with your website.


Advertising is proberly the most popular way people are trying to make money money online. Advertisements require little attention from you and run by them selves. They can also be a great way to provide you with regular income. Google Adsense is usually the most popular way of displaying advertisements as it is well paying and easy to set up and monitor

Selling products

This is also another popular way of making money with your website and you can easily make a lot of money as long as you have enough traffic. However this is not a guaranteed income as you can not guarantee when you will make your next sale. However one your website has built up then you can easily make a large profit.

A premium membership site

With a website that has a large community then this can be a great way to make money. If you already have a website which contains free content that is attracting your visitors then a premium section is certainly going to get some attention. This technique is slowly become more popular and there can be large profit margins to be made.

Affiliate marketing

with affiliate marketing you write a review of someone elses product explaining why your visitors should buy it. If you then get a sale you will earn commission on every sale you make. This is great if you have a large amount of traffic however can be very hard with smaller websites.

Writing an eBook from your blog

Writing eBooks is becoming more popular all of the time as more people are choosing to write an eBook about their success online. If you have had a lot of experience with your blog or website then write an eBook telling people how you built your website and the problems that you had to overcome. You can then sell your eBook and start making money.



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