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Making Money with your Family Car or Van

Making money

Making Money with your Family Car or Van

To a lot of people, making money is something you can only do when you’re sitting in an office, stacking shelves or slugging your guts out in a warehouse. But there are ways of making money that are sitting right underneath our noses, and you can make a tidy sum doing it on the side or as a full-time career if you find you like it enough!

Take a look out of your window. The chances are that there is your car or van sat out there, currently doing nothing – a bit like yourself! (Although if you’re at work, you should probably be doing something!) The family car is used for going shopping, taking the kids to school or driving around the country taking them to football matches, ballet or whatever other activities they’re always up to. But aside from being a gas-guzzling machine that always needs fueling, it’s a moneymaking machine waiting to be taken advantage of.

 A car is more than a key to independence; it’s a key to a new career. There are plenty of roles out there that can be performed just by having access to your own car or van – you could even advertise yourself as a man with a van, lending your services, or just the vehicle, to other people to move house, go to the tip, or move their new table from the warehouse to their home. Either way, it’s easy money.

Another career is taxi driving. Let’s face it, as parents we’re pretty much taxi drivers anyway – we might as well get paid to do it too! With plenty of local taxi firms around, you just need a decent knowledge of the area, a sat nav and a map and you could spend the odd evening delivering people to their destinations and getting paid. Best of all, working in the evenings or at weekends, you can do it in addition to your full-time job, meaning you have two wage packets coming in.

Then there are the positions as a courier or owner driver. With people ordering more and more online nowadays, it needs delivering from the warehouses or depots. If you own a car, you could offer to deliver items up to a certain size, including things like laptops, mobile phones, clothing and even flat-packed furniture to an extent, and deliver to destinations that you feel are worth your while both financially and in terms of your family time – you don’t want to be out all week at work and delivering all night. If you have a van, you can deliver more, even making multiple drop-offs and making money for each delivery you make.

Whichever of the above options, or even those I haven’t listed, that you choose, they’re easy sources of money. Yes, you could make yourself a tidy packet blogging online or creating and selling knitted goods if that’s your forte, but you’d still have to invest in the materials – you’ve already got a car or van, so it’s easy money. Then, come home and blog about it and make even more!

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