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6 top tips to be successful on Twitter

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6 top tips to be successful on Twitter

Twitter has gone big. Everyone is on Twitter now and Twitter is used by millions on people everyday as a crucial way to keep in contact with family,friends and followers.  Twitter is the best place online for everything from building connections to expressing your opinions. well if you are trying to market your website or product on Twitter then you will need to be successful to do this effectively. If you are successful on Twitter then you will have followers in huge numbers. There are many benefits of this, including tons of traffic.

Keep active

Being a regularly active person on Twitter is what you have to do if you want to be successful. no one is going to follow you if when they go onto your profile they can see that you have not tweeted for over a month. They will not be interested in you. To succeed on Twitter you need to be tweeting everyday and if you cant do it your self then use website’s like Hootsuite that will do it for you. Websites like this are a great idea and there are many of them available for free. Remember that other countries have different time zones so to make sure you are reaching all of your audience then you need to be tweeting while you are sleeping as some people will be waking up at this time.


Yes, i know that many people prefer not to do this if they can help it but Traffup and Twiends are a great way for to build followers if you are new to Twitter and have not built up your following very much. They both work on a point system where you get points for following other people but are defiantly worth checking out if you are new to Twitter.

Learn from others

Reading other Tweets is the best way to make yours better. You can learn huge amounts from following people that you are interested in and seeing what they tweet about as well as how they tweet. A successful tweeter will have a good content balance from recommending their content to recommending other peoples content. If people are looking through your tweets and all they see is your content then they are not going to be interested as they will just thing your on twitter to try and get some free traffic.

Follow back 

Following people back on Twitter can be one of the most easiest ways to grow more followers however there are still people who do not chose to follow back. Many people on Twitter will follow you on Twitter to see if you follow them back and if you do not then they are going to unfollow you. A good idea for getting a lot of followers fast is to let people know you follow back by putting it in your bio or hash tagging it into your tweets.

Monitor your results

If you are going to improve then you need to monitor your tweets and see how you can improve them. There are many websites which let you gain more information about what sort of tweeter you are. Tweetstats is a great website which lets you analyse your Twitter profile and see what you need to improve up on and is worth taking a look at.


I am the founder of Startup Today. I am the main writer and have put in many hours of work into creating this blog. If you want to find out more about me then lets get in contact.

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