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How to double your Twitter followers over night

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How to double your Twitter followers over night

Everyone these days is trying to gain more Twitter followers. However for some this does not go as smoothly as they would like. Make sure you do not just give up when you wake up with no new followers. The use of services like Traffup and Twiends can make this a lot easier.

Using these services can soon increase your followers but make sure you remember they are not always interested in your niche and will proberly end up unfollowing you soon after.


Traffup is a traffic exchange website for Retweets,Followers and website traffic. Once you have created your account you can begin sharing your websites as well as retweets and your Twitter account to gain followers. This website is great for all round traffic building to your website and Twitter account. However on the other hand, as Traffup works on a point based system it can take a long time to earn points by browsing through websites.


Twiends is possibly the best way to gain twitter followers that is out there. As soon as you have earned your first Seeds then you will instantly start to gain Twitter followers, and lots of them. As long as you have enough Seeds you could potentially gain hundred overnight. You can add your interests and then follow people with similar interests as you.

As well as this there are still ways on gaining followers yourself with out needing to use any of these services. Here is some of them:

  • Tweet regularly
  • Follow others
  • re-tweet what you think your readers will be interested in

You can also view out post about other ways to gain more Twitter  followers here.


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