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Sponsored Video: EE and RAC work together to take advantage of Telematics technology


Sponsored Video: EE and RAC work together to take advantage of Telematics technology

We usually hear of Telematics in young driver car insurance. Telematics involves using some of the latest GPS technology from mobile networks such as EE to see how users are driving and often allow them to benefit from a reduced insurance premium.

Telematics technology has become popular in recent years as insurers look to promote safe driving and reduce premiums for drivers. However EE & the RAC have now taken advantage of this technology and it is proving to be great business strategy for businesses looking to take advantage of 4G internet.

Real-time data allows businesses to see fast changing situations and adapt to their needs. RAC is a great example of a business that needs real-time data. With breakdowns happening up and down Britain’s roads all day without warning, RAC need real-time data to see where their vans are and provide customers with feedback such as the time they will be able to reach them. Using Telematics technology allows them to track their vans and get real-time data back from them.

Using telematics also encourages drivers to take more care in their driving which can lead to reduced fuel costs and safer roads. With drivers thinking ahead when they are driving, this reduces the emissions from their vehicles when they are braking and accelerating less harshly. RAC have been able to see a drastic reduction in costs due to telematics technology.

Telematics technology provides feedback to users about their driving. You can view feedback on your braking, cornering and acceleration. Providing feedback to employees can often be seen as a motivator and gives them a sense of achievement when they have been about to achieve targets. Using Telematics to provide drivers with feedback allows them to work towards achieving a higher score and driving safer. This is also a great benefit for businesses such as RAC when looking for vehicle insurance as you can negotiate better prices with insurance companies and therefore reduce your businesses costs.

Businesses are already benefiting from Telematics technology. Could your business benefit?

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