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5 essential WordPress plugins your blog need’s


5 essential WordPress plugins your blog need’s

When creating blogs i have noticed that i have used the same plugins time and time again. These are my essential WordPress plugins. You may disagree with some of my choices but these are my most useful plugins which make my blog run smoothly and saved me problems on many occasions

Google XML Sitemaps

This great plugin,once set up runs by its self. It automatically submits your sitemap to Google and other major search engines and best of all it does this automatically. This is great for SEO and for use with webmaster tools. This plugin is a must have to maximize your SEO campaign.


WP-PageNavi adds to WordPress what it has been missing. Instead of seeing “Older posts” at the bottom of the page you will now see a page navigation which lets you go the the next page, as well as any other page. This plugin is essential for a proffesional looking WordPress blog.

Spam free WordPress

This is a must have plugin for all WordPress users where comments can be made on their posts. It blocks 100% of spam comments from getting onto your posts saving you time as you do not have to constantly remove them. As well as this it makes your blog look more proffesional.


Counterize is a must have traffic monitor for your blog. It provides you with a detailed traffic report of all your visitors, including most visiting counties and most seen referrers. This plugins comes in very useful when wanting to compare traffic for different posts.

HeadSpace 2

Headspace is an all in SEO plugin for WordPress. This plugin lets you configure meta data for nearly every part of your blog. There is also much more options which you will not find in other search engine optimization plugins.

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